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Section 4: Pulling Off the Theft
4.6: Finding Marks

Its all very well knowing how to steal, but how do you find your marks?!? Well, places popularity differs from shard to shard, but usually you can find marks:
  • Buc's Den - Here, usually many pvp'rs can be found, also a few thieves Expect lots of regs, bandies, and some okayish weapons.
  • Yew Moongate - Seems to be the new home of pvp on many shards. Also many thieves! Dont expect many rares to be found here!
  • Champ Spawns - Obviously, not much to steal here, apart from powerscrolls! I recomend to do so, open up as many peoples packs as you can, also keeping there gump next to there pack . Then, dont move. Once the champ has been and gone, you will see who has scrolls, and you can steal (but be quick!)
  • Banks - Every bank is differnt. You cant expect the same items at all banks. I find Brit Bank to be the least rewarding, as a main bank, many people steer clear of it. Give Skara Brae a try, many people bank there, thinking its a thief free bank.
  • All Other Moongates - Every moongate can have people there, but the most popular are Yew (as mentioned above) and Britan.
  • Healer Huts - The most popular one being Britan Healers, you come across many a soul who have died and have resurected with all there loot on them! Nice weapons can be found here, along with the occasional Powerscroll!
NOTE: With AoS, healers have became an even better place for finding marks- people who don't have "auto-reinsure" on will be easy targets, allowing you to nab all their favorite "safe" items! There are others, but its fun to adventure for yourself!


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