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Section 7: A Thief's Guide to Siege Perilous
7.10: Which items should I horde? Which daily items are the most important on Siege?

Without insurance, you have full looting rights on any corpse you come across. That also means that everyone else has full looting rights on your corpse. One of the biggest mental disconnects production shard thieves have when they first come to Siege is the idea that they lose things when they die. Because of this, some thieves are hessitant to "gear up" and be properly equip when they get ready for a night of thievery. (This doesn't apply if all you're looking to do is bank steal.) But you'll soon discover that you'll be much more successful if you carry around all the necessary equipment. Of the equipment, you'll soon find out that +skill jewelry is your new best friend (especially in the face of RoT). Until your training is complete, steal, horde, and plunder all skill jewelry with all the regular skills:
  • Stealing
  • Stealth
  • Ninjitsu
  • Magery
  • Necromancy (Wraith Form)
Don't be afraid to live and die with these jewels on a regular basis. You're going to die a lot and lose a lot, but all of your victims are going to lose a lot more and everything they have is going to be much more valuable. Even when your template is complete, you still want to horde (and live and die with) jewels. As your template become more filled out, your interests in types of jewels is going to change. +Skill is no longer going to be a priority. Of these jewels, the most important properties are (in order):
  • Faster Casting
  • Fast Cast Recovery
  • Night Sight
  • Lower Reagent Cost
  • Lower Mana Cost
Don't worry about armor. I usually pick up and wear anything off the ground or anything I've looted from someone else's corpse. I've never purchased leather armor off a vendor during my entire time on Siege (except when I was looking for a costume/disguise). Once you loot a few corpses and do a few IDOCs and your chests start over flowing with spare armor (when you can afford to be picky), the most important properties on your armor are (in order):
  • Night Sight
  • Lower Reagent Cost
  • Mana Regeneration
  • HP Regeneration
  • Lower Mana Cost
  • Resists
  • Stamina Regeneration
  • HP Increase
The only reason I included Stamina Regeneration and HP Increase on the list was to demonstrate just how far down Resists are on the totem pole of properities. It's nice to have, but it's not a priority. Speaking of never having to buy anything... I have Magery on my template, I never have 100% LRC, and I've never had to buy reagents from an NPC vendor. If you want to use Magery and never want to have to buy reagents, all you have to do is follow these simple rules:
  1. Always horde LRC items.
  2. Don't worry about having an incomplete LRC suit. Every percentage point helps, but it's not a big deal. (I usually have less than 30% on my suit at any given time.)
  3. Pick up reagents off the ground every once in a while. I consider having a house in Felucca (as opposed to Malas or Tokuno) a huge advantage because reagents spawn on the ground. I bet most players on production shards don't even notice the reagents anymore.
  4. Take the long way around. Unlike Felucca on production shards, people on Siege aren't limited to Champion Spawns and Moongates. People are all over the place and you never know where you're going to bump into someone next. You don't have to Gate Travel everywhere (and use up reagents) whenever you want to go somewhere.
Other miscellaneous items I live and die with daily:
  • Greater Cure Potions
  • Orange Petals
  • Smoke Bombs
  • Fukiya + Deadly Poisonous Darts
  • Explosion Trapped Crates
I'm also known for grabbing any piece of trash off the floor, just to annoy (and delay) any potential looter of my body. It's not uncommon for me to have anywhere from 10-100 useless items on my body every time I die.

-Chad Sexington

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