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Section 7: A Thief's Guide to Siege Perilous
7.11: Which item should I use my Siege Bless on? Shadow Dancer Leggings?

Using your single Siege Bless on Shadow Dancer Leggings is a terrible idea. Without insurance, your single Siege Bless is much more important and powerful than you might think. Shadow Dancer Leggings have good resists and give you +40 skill points, but it's just skill. When designing your template you shouldn't have it rely on my items, including the leggings. Off the top of my head, I regularly switch my Siege Bless between the following 3 items:
  1. Ferret Form Talisman - This is my default item. I usually use this around the bank, within guard zone. Unlike production shards, people don't just bank sit 24 hours a day. When people use the banks, they don't stay for very long. Because of this you don't want to waste valuable seconds, fumbling for your talisman.
  2. Invisibility Clothing - I've been lucky enough to have horded a huge amount of invisibility items from IDOCs in a very short amount of time. This is the ultimate thief item, but they no longer spawn and their uses are limited.
  3. Mage Weapon - One of the perks of having high skill in Magery on my template (106), I get to have fun with -Magery Weapons. I wish I could fit Fencing on my template (for Shadow Strike & Infectious Strike) but without +skill items, I'll have to settle for the next best thing. Keep in mind, as long as you have Magery on your template and intend on using Mage Weapons, you're going to be hording +Magery Jewelry until the end of time.
The point is that each of these items opens up many more thieving and looting possibilities than +40 points in skill ever will. Also keep in mind that many times I'll keep my Siege Bless unused, hoping to snag something good. This also opens up the possiblity of snagging 2 high end items before heading back to the bank. If things go well, it'll go something like this:
  1. Steal the first item.
  2. Use Siege Bless on that first item.
  3. Wait 2 minutes until criminial flag wears off.
  4. Steal the second item.
  5. Head off to the bank (or home) to stash my new swag.
The properties on a perfect Mage Weapon are (in order):
  • Hit Lightning
  • Swing Speed Increase
  • Hit Chance Increase
  • Physical Resist (Anti-Earthquake)
  • Damage Increase
  • Mana Leech
  • Stamina Leech
The Siege Bless may work exactly like the Personal Bless Deeds that are found on production shards, but I would never swap my Personal Bless back and forth between different items. It's just too valuable. There is always a chance to lose it from a miss click, and they are never replaced. This isn't he same for the Siege Bless. It's activated by a single-click context menu and you never lose it. Because of this, you only ever have to worry about losing an item from a mistake, not the bless itself.

-Chad Sexington

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