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Section 7: A Thief's Guide to Siege Perilous
7.9: Playing a thief on Siege is hard, isn't it?

There's no Auto-Reveal, but half of the people on the shard have Detecting Hidden (at least on a Soul Stone). No one has Trammel to hide away from thievery and murder, but neither do you. Everyone is freely stealable, but everyone on the shard is prepared for it. There might be an easy target here or there, but there everyone agrees to the rules when they log into the game. (You can't just scam people who are used to playing in Trammel.)

In a lot of ways, when you steal on production shards, you rely on anonymity to assist you in your steals. Everyone who plays on Siege is well versed in the rules of the game and everyone knows everyone. And because you only get 1 character per account, you can't just change faces. Because you can't use Character Transfer Tokens, you can't just jump to a new shard and become anonymous again. On Siege, people know who you are, they know your reputation, and they know where you live. They know how you play, they know who your friends are, and everything you've done in the past defines who you are today.

Playing on Siege Perilous might be hard (and easy in some ways), but you're playing the game (and stealing from people) in a way it was originally intended.

-Chad Sexington

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