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Section 7: A Thief's Guide to Siege Perilous
7.2: When I create my thief, which skills should I choose?

In addition to all the regular thievery hijinx, if you have any intention (right now or in the future) of stabbing someone with poison or revealing stealthed players on Siege, choose these 2 skills when you create your thief:
  1. 50 Poisoning
  2. 50 Detecting Hidden
As a new thief its tempting to start with 50 Stealing and 50 Hiding and get ready to start bank stealing as soon as possible. But the good thing about training a thief is that almost all the skills like Stealing, Snooping, Hiding, Stealth, Ninjitsu, Tracking, and Detecting Hidden take no gold to train. And even skills like Magery only requires a single 100% LRC suit. (And on Siege, many people will be happy to donate a 100% LRC suit to any new player to the shard.) Poisoning is one of the more expensive skills to train. But when it comes down to it, some skills are more tedious to train from zero skill than others.

Poisoning and Detecting Hidden are two of the most tedious and since you can only have 1 character per account, you only get one chance to pick the right skills and get a free 50 points.

Soul Stones - It's important to remember that Soul Stones are very important (and expensive) on Siege Perilous because in a way, they get around the limitations of having 1 character per account. Just remember that you need a minimum of 2 stones to be able to swap skills. Even if you don't play on using Poisoning or Detecting Hidden at first, it might be worth starting with these skills when you start and put them on Soul Stones in case you change your mind.

-Chad Sexington

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