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Section 7: A Thief's Guide to Siege Perilous
7.1: Choosing to be a thief on Siege is a big commitment, isn't it?

On Siege Perilous you only get 1 character per account, you can't transfer an existing thief to Siege Perilous, and it'll take a couple of months to fully train your thief. So yes, it's a big commitment. When most people from production shards think about Siege Perilous, they think about:
  • No Trammel
  • No Insurance
  • 1 Character Per Account
  • Felucca Ruleset Across All Facets
  • Rate over Time (RoT)
I've always said the biggest difference between production shards and Siege Perilous is that people actually stop to talk to you. On Napa Valley (in Felucca), everyone would either run away from me on sight or try to kill me on sight. No one ever stops to talk. With no talking, there's no communication. And without communication, there's little room for community, let alone a virtual world. In other words, these days, most people on production shards treat UO like they're playing Unreal Tournament or something. The biggest differences between production shards and Siege Perilous have less to do with mechanical differences and more to do with the interaction among players that has been lost on production shards over the years. When I first started playing UO, I saw fantasy and magic. By the time I left Napa Valley, all I saw were statistics and numbers.

It's a big commitment to move to Siege Perilous, but it's worth it.

-Chad Sexington

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