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Section 1: General Thief Information
1.5: How do I join the thief guild / Where is the thief guildmaster?

First, your character needs to be in-game for 48 hours. Second, your stealing skill must be 60. Third, you need 500 gold (700 more if you wish to buy a disguise kit). Then, all you need is the Thief Guildmaster (see below). Once you find one, ask them by name, ‘(name) join’. They will ask for 500 gold if you meet all the requirements; then just drop it on top of them. Then ask them, ‘name buy disguise kit’ and drop 700 gold on top of them again. Bank that Kit! Zip came up with a brilliant way to know when you are 40 hours old. As soon as you create your thief, go out and take ONE murder count (Don't worry, it's 5 murder counts where you turn red). If you say, "I must consider my sins", it shows you have 1 long term count, which takes 40 hours to go away! So basically, once you get rid of your murder count, you only need 8 more hours to join the thief guild... which, if you don't know, is the exact length a short term murder count lasts... so as soon as the long wears off if you wish to be REALLY accurate you can take another count, and when the short wears off then you are at the exact 48 hours.

So you want to also know how to QUIT the Guild? FOR SHAME! Just find any NPC Thief Guildmaster again, and tell them by name, "(name) resign guild" If you wish to steal from actual players in addition to NPC's and Containers, you will need to join the Thief Guild, via the Thief Guildmaster. They now appear in random locations around every town. You will have to run around and bring up every NPC paperdoll to see if they are the Guildmaster. They do NOT reside in a single place for more than an hour, so there is no other way but to run around and look for him. I personally advise going to the city of Cove - it's the smallest town there is, and I always find him within 3 minutes. Be advised once you join the Thief guild, you may NO LONGER give murder counts to anyone that ever kills you. NEVER.*

Once you have joined the thief guild, not only may you no longer give murder counts, but you are FREELY lootable on ALL facets.

A helpful hint:
The thief guildmaster will have a yellow name if you have allnames on (as he/she is invulnerable) and will not have a title (ie. "the musician"). This should cut down the NPCs you have to search through considerably.

**Note: You no longer get booted from the thieves' guild for taking a murder count. I play with 4 counts constantly and some others just go red.

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