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Section 1: General Thief Information
1.6: How does the disguise kit work?

It will only work if you are in the Thieves Guild. Double click on it, then select what style of hair you desire. Once you apply it, bring up your own paper doll and see if your ‘new’ NPC name is acceptable – if not, use the kit again. You will notice that your hair turns bright white when you use the kit. You can always wear a hat, or simply use hair dye to cover it up. The kit will work for 2 hours in Real Time. It can NOT be removed, and you must play for 2 hours to have it removed. While disguised, you cannot cast Incognito or Polymorph.

Other things to improve your disguise are to raise your karma and get rid of your ‘Scoundrel’ Title and delete any relative text in your scroll that tips other off into knowing you’re a Thief. You can gain karma giving items to NPCs by dropping it on them. Ie: collect bags from monsters, and give them to the provisioner. Cycle your newbie clothes, and buy a dye tub. The objective is to not allow yourself to be recognized! Even go so far to dress and act like the Local NPC's!

If you know someone is using the Tracking Skill on you, don't think changing disguises will throw them off the track. The sure-fire way to break the tracking is to leave the area or cross server lines.

But for the thief on the go, you can always leave the disguise kit menu on screen, even while the kit is in the bank and you run off. Just move it to the bottom of your screen and bring it up when you need it, and you can change your diguise again and again. However, dying with it up can do very interestings things...

Be warned, if you quit the game while your disguise is on, you will notice your disguise name in your Login Menu instead of your thief's original name. You will also notice all your macros you recorded are also not working - this is because UO's code makes a totally new folder for this new-name character and has trouble keeping track of it.*

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