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Section 5: A Thief's Guide to Production Shards
5.9: Can you give a Step-by-Step guide for gate stealing?
  1. Straight from the gate or hide using the skill.
  2. Pick who you want to steal from.
  3. Open their paper doll.
  4. Double-click their backpack.
  5. Shadow Jump or Stealth next to your victim.
  6. Hit Last Object.
  7. F9 and target anything worth stealing.
  8. At this point take your time. You already have the item on last target. The player can run 20 screens away and back and you'll still have your item ready to steal. (If you attempt to shadow jump you'll break this target.)
  9. Line-up for a running steal. Stay out of range from the auto reveal. 3-4 tiles. You want to be able to run in a straight line, and during that run you'll pass next to your victim. Make sure you have the correct animal form set from Ninjitsu.
  10. Make the steal. Run as fast as you can, and when you're next to your victim hit your "Steal - Last Target" macro. There is a delay, a fraction of a second, but it can throw you off.
  11. Once it's in your pack hit animal form and run like hell.

-Chad Sexington

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