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Section 7: A Thief's Guide to Siege Perilous
7.13: I logged on and only found a couple people in Luna. Where is everyone?

Luna is the ghetto of Siege. People don't bank sit in Luna like they do on production shards. Most people don't go to Luna at all if they don't have to. If someone has to use a bank and if anyone has anything worth stealing, they are either careless, over confident, or are just using a different bank. For everything else, they're either in their homes, at a friend's home, or are actually doing something worth while.

You have to remember, it's hard to play alone on Siege. It's possible, but most people play in groups for a reason. On many other shards, people treat the game as an interactive chat room with trade capabilities. On Siege, you need to make friends in order to survive (for the most part). Through these connections, communities are born. And for each community, there will be a regular set of locations they usually play in -- locations which may or may not include Luna.

-Chad Sexington

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