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Section 3: Templates
3.4: The Disarm Thief

**Note: Guess what? Unless you're on Siege, don't bother planning on playing a Disarm Thief. For one thing, the template is wrong. But also, insurance ruins it all. Insured weapons = disarmed but can't be stolen anyway. Disarm is still useful but only to stop someone from beating on you.
  • GM Stealing
  • GM Snooping
  • GM Wrestling
  • GM Arms Lore
  • GM Hiding
  • GM Healing
  • GM Anatomy
Consider dropping a little bit of your healing/anat for some magery, or maybe using the extra 20 points with a 4 year vet skillcap if it's availible, because you will want a meathod of transportation. The disarm thief has almost no abilities to fight back, but his signature move is the ability to snag a warrior's weapon right out of his hands (using disarming which uses arms lore and wrestling), leaving him defenceless.

Which brings us to how to disarm steal:
There is a very fine technique to disarm stealing- firstly, use some sort of skill/item which brings up a target cursor to get the weapon in your opponent's hands on last target (by targeting it). Now, hit a macro to turn "on" disarm (it's a UO in game macro in the options pannel), and hit your stealing macro (assuming you are already attacking them, otherwise, attack them- it is required to disarm... so don't try this in the guardzone, folks). Simply run up to your victim and when you see "You successfully disarm your opponent!" in the lower left corner, hit last target to snag the weapon from their backpack.

See section 1.10 for more info about disarm.

NOTE: Remember that with AoS wrestling/arms lore is no longer necessary for disarming (see section 1.10). Modify your template accordingly if you wish.

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