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Section 4: Pulling Off the Theft
4.1: Introduction & Macros

So, now you wanna know how to pull off your thefts? Move in closer my friend... First off, something you have to learn to do, is to set items to last target. Although not essential, it's very usefull! I recomend you make a macro for UOA which looks like this:
  • Use item --> your newbie dagger
Using this, there is no delay in setting the target (as there is if you were to use, say, Arms Lore). If you dont have UOA, you might want to try an Arms Lore macro, or anything which brings up a cursor. Another Macro you need to make, is the actual Last target macro. This can easily be done using UO's built in macro's, or if you prefer, using UOA.


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