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Section 2: Gaining Skill
2.7: Arms Lore

**Note: These days, Arms Lore is useless for thieves as it's no longer needed for Disarm. If you have Arms Lore on your template, take it off.

Arms lore is, essentially, very similar to snooping in the meathod required to gain. Instead of pouches you'll have items that can be arms lored (daggers, skullcaps, etc.) and instead of a friend, these items are generally kept well orginized in an "arms lore house" (check around to find one on your shard). Once again, make a UOA macro for each container of 66 items (which is how many items each UOA macro can hold once you insert the pauses) which looks something like this:
  • Use Skill/Cast Spell (Arms Lore)
  • Target (item to be lored)
  • Pause 2000
  • The pause must be ajusted as you see fit. Once again, simply cycle through each macro until GM
Remember, arms lore is considered a "target based" skill, which means that after each item you lore, if you do not gain, you will not gain off that item again until either you gain (off another item) or the server resets.

In plain english, that means if you gain off of one set of items, go ahead and try that set again, if not, go to the next one. If go through all the sets without gaining, you need to either go lore some items elsewhere until you gain or wait until the next day after the server goes down (resets).

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