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Section 8: The Theft Formula
8.1: How is stealing calculated?

Five on Friday this week has this incredibly relevant question about the chances of stealing things. I think it should probably go in here somewhere for easy finding before it goes into FoF obscurity.

This is it, as follows:

I intend to break this thing down into a more bite sized probability table or two within a week.

::2 Weeks Later::

Here is the data posted on Five on Friday:

This is the resulting difficulty table resulting from the formula. It is based on a targeted steal. Any random steal will be 1/3 the difficulty. I think this difficulty table uses a different success chance than the next one, so I'm not sure what this actually means.

The following table uses the above information and is here just to be placed in the one below it.

Yeah, I can only run the numbers on the formulę I have been given. For the information on what those tables mean, I must rely on what was said in the article posted to Five on Friday. Since I'm pretty sure there is a formula or two missing, all we can really do is test things within the game to find out exactly what table this represents.

-Spock the thief

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