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Section 5: A Thief's Guide to Production Shards
5.6: What do I need to know about Auto-Reveal? Why is Shadow Jump so important?

If you attempt to Stealth within 2 tiles of another person, there is a chance you will be Auto-Revealed. There are a few notable exceptions to this rule:
  • Auto-Reveal only appllies in Felucca.
  • Auto-Reveal does not apply for guild members or allies.
  • Auto-Reveal also applies for birds and magical creatures (unicorns, dragons, energy vortexes).
  • Elves have a higher chance to Auto-Reveal than humans or gargoyles.
  • Auto-Reveal only applies when you take a step.
  • Shadow Jump does not count as taking a step.
I always try and shadow jump next to a player whenever possible (human or elf). When you're thinking about Shadow Jumping, remember:
  • Other players do not hear a sound effect when you use the Shadow Jump skill, only you do.
  • Every one can see the little poof of smoke from a Shadow Jump.
  • The small poof of smoke can easily be covered with a house or tree if you can get into the right position.
  • For some reason, the Teleport spell is less picky than Shadow Jump when it comes to tiles it allows you to target. It may take a couple tries before you can Shadow Jump successfully, especially when the terrain is uneven.
  • There is a bug that will occasionally lock you out of using other spells or skills after you Shadow Jump. If this happens, just open and close your paperdoll. (This will fix it for some reason.)
Miscellanceous Tips for Stealthing:
  • Blues can't harm you with most types of area attacks (Earthquake, Chain Lightning, Meteor Swarm).
  • Reds can harm you with most types of area attacks.
  • Your best defenss against Auto-Reveal is standing still until you absolutely must.
Note: When you become Auto-Revealed, you not only become visible, but your name is displayed above you for a few seconds like a giant neon target. The same thing happens when you're hidden and you speak to reveal yourself. This does not happen when you use the Stealing skill. If you use the Stealing skill and you're behind a house or tree, the other person may or may not have seen you, especially if you don't move. But when you're Auto-Revealed (you'll get a message), you can assume that everyone on the screen knows you're there.

-Chad Sexington

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