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Episode 0120: Enforcing Barter Town Laws

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*Yawn* I awake from my slumber. Nothing like waking up in the mid-day afternoon. I don my clothing and set out into Barter Town to see what the locals are up to. I stop by the stables and speak with the stable master. I ask him if he has seen any outsiders in the town. He had nothing to report. So I move on into the town and head to the bank.

What's this? An outsider! The stable master and I will have a little chat with my dagger later. I make my presence known as I slur my speech. Me: YPUR HP OR GP!!

Angel Ghost: sorry
Angel Ghost: japanese only

Me: you must pay a fine

Angel Ghost: bank vendor buy

Apparently she has a good understanding of GP and HP ^_^. She forks over her gold, and I happily accept it.

I let the beauty go along her way, but not without thanking her first.

I continue to make my rounds throughout the city and stumble upon someone at the mines!

What's this? Mars, a miner smiling as he rapes Barter Town's mountain for her precious ores penetrating her with his pick axe. This must be stopped!!

I order him to stop. I notice then that his darkened robe becomes darker as he begins to urinate himself. Excellent.

Me: These are our mines...

Mars: hmm

Me: You must forfeit your ingots or parish!

Mars: I didn't see any signs

It is apparent this new comer is not aware of the town and it's laws. I inform him to read the forums about Barter Town. He still remains clueless.

I ask him to follow me to Barter Town's town hall so that I can show him the rules of the town. I also track him incase that if he should decide to make a break for it, he will have a death strike and shuriken waiting for him.

We arrive at the town hall and I ask him to read the books.

As he reads I relieve him of his ingots.

Me: Please adhere to the town laws or I will be forced to take action.

Mars: Aye, I will watch where I step my foot in next time.

Me: I thank thee for thine compliance

I then release him to go about his ways. I follow him stealthily to make sure I have instilled fear into the intrusive miner.

He proceeds to banks and promptly cast a moongate to exit the town. I attempted to follow, but my spirit lacked the cohesion. Nothing better than being a proud patriotic citizen of Barter Town!! Huzaah!!


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