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Episode 0119: I hit it big ^_^

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Well the day starts as usual. I train my skills a bit working on my stealth, ninjitsu and stealing. I have to be on top of my game if I want to stay ahead of my marks.

Later that afternoon... Yew moongate.

I spy someone loitering at my gate chating with others. I decide to collect my tax as such. I snatch the scroll and run.

After this the day, begins to grow older, and so does my boredom. I keep my self entertained by stealing silver coins from those supporters of factions. It beats stealing bandages, and it's something with moderate value in large quantities.

That evening...

I spy a sexy blacksmith just standing here at the gate. A legendary smith? She must have a ton of BODs on her (except for my bod), and possibly rewards. I pop open the pack and imediately look for a runic hammer or kit, nothing. I quickly open a box that commonly contains rewards. Ahh some powder.

Me: *I pop out of hiding* Hail

Shush: *moves in closer to me*

Me: *I steal the powder*

The guards can be called on me. I high tail it out there fast.

I later go to Luna bank and selling the powder for a decent price.
*hops back into moongate to Yew*
Now the day has become night. Traffic would be at it's peak, maybe even my luck.

A moongate appears with four people hopping out of the moongate. I inspect their bags immediately. I find my mark, Baram. OMG! My eyes begin to deicieve me. I pinch myself "Oww!" It's real! Artifacts, uncursed, uninsured, and soon to be mine. I waste no time with my actions. *Yoink*

I get away with no one giving chase.

I move in to get my next artifact. He moves to the moongate and I have little to no time to react. I try my hand with lady luck and prove successful with a random target steal. He then exits through the moongate. *Sad face* Don't leave meeeee!!

Huuzah! A nice bandana for me. But, I don't really need it. I will just sell it later.

I find another mark to fulfill my greedy needs. I steal the scroll.

My original mark returns. I approach Baram without fear of any kind. I snoop him again in hopes of finding that the other arifacts have not been stored away safely.

Ahh, the last two artifacts: a pair of hunter's headdresses. I snatch one and run.

I return and my mark is nowhere to be seen. I begin to search frantically for him. No evidence anywhere. *pouts* I still come out in the end very very happy, and I can only wonder how Baram feels about loosing 3 artifacts under an hour. Man I wish I could see the reaction on his face. The seach for marks was over. The search for customers begin. To Luna! *ninja vanishes*

The next morning...

I make my sale and happily take the checks. My customers get the best deals around. Success!!


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