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Episode 0105: The Necromancer's Suit

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Strangely, I find myself at Serpent's Hold. I do not know why I am here, I didn't intend to be here, but nevertheless, here I am. There seems a strange urge to be here, as if I am being pulled to this island by a faint, yet powerful force. As I am walking towards the cave that holds the islands greater secrets, I feel strongly compelled to walk up the stairs of the perimeter wall. I could swear I hear a voice in my ears, beckoning me.

"Anh Mi Sah Ko", I hear shouted, repeatedly.

It was Joe! "How do you do?"

"Anh Mi Sah Ko"


"Anh Mi Sah Ko"

Ignoring Joe, and listening harder, I can still hear this voice, whispering to me.

"Death...Kill...Freedom", could I be hearing this? Surely not.

I pick through Joe's pockets, as is my nature, and stand there waiting for Joe to notice.

"Anh Mi Sah Ko"

His possessions become mine, except the gold in his pack and armor he is wearing.

The voice is driving me mad, I can no longer ignore it! I succumb to it and obey!

I try on his suit, and I feel a surge of energy flow through me. The voice has stopped, but I feel a little different wearing it. I use the book Joe forfeited to write him a message.

And I placed it at his feet.

I now set out to Despise, through the Fire Dungeon entrance.

Empty! Rats! ( and slime )

I took the sparkles to Destard and camped for the night. Upon waking, I found another vile task master, forcing a dragon to kill dragon kind!

Sionbreia! How dare you!!! I take a closer look. I wonder to myself, " who is so wealthy that they carry boomsticks around unblessed... and further, if the stick is unblessed, what is she carrying that is MORE valuable, that IS blessed?"

Normally, I would have disarmed her and taken the boomstick, but being new to this world, my skills were not up to par to grab the 8 stone staff. She continued to Discord these terrible beasts, and have her dragon easily rip them to shreds. If I couldn't take her staff, I could at least help the dragons!

I take her tamborine, and make my get away. Now powerless, she is forced to leave, and the dragons live a longer, fuller life. Take that you vile wench!

I stopped by the bank, made a deposit, stopped by the local Minoc pub and had some lunch, then was headed home when I started hearing that voice again.


My steps seemed lighter, I could walk less effortlessly, as it seems my suit was doing all the walking for me. I found myself at the Minoc Mines. "Death...Kill...Freedom"

Well that doesn't make sense, there isn't anyone here! Surely I am not to kill myself!

I use my tracking abilities and find some bettle footprints that head straight into the cave wall, and stop!

ALEXIA! Grandmaster Miner! You should know better than to invade OUR Barter Town Mines! These mines are on THIEF [^_^] property, and you are not welcomed here!

I thank thee for returning the blackrock to its rightful owners. I wonder what your beetle holds!

Junk! Oh well...another Deadly Poisoned Star wasted. ( I hate wasting them )

Let this serve as a warning to all! You are not welcomed here! These are not your mines! You have no rights in these mines! You have to weigh the risk and the reward, what is more valuable to you, your life... or some ore? If you are wise, you will choose the former... but judging from what we see here...

I have grown used to the suit and it's ability to predict death, I have grown to love the suit. I suppose it absorbed some of the necromancers powers, before he met his untimely demise. Every once in a while, I hear the whispering, I anticipate it, long for it, and gleefully accept it's calling.

Beware of the shadows, for there may next be the whispering of your name!


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