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~ Guild History ~

Although I've played a thief since T2A, it was only in January 2006 when I retired my PvP mage and did the same with my carpenter and began playing my thief full-time. Beginning as an upstart thief wanting to make a guild, roughly 70 people joined me on Napa Valley at one time or another, with membership as high as 30 people at one time. It was only in February 2008 when Jose Muerto & Bill Brasky contacted me as fans and they formed the 2nd chapter of THIEF on Great Lakes. Soon after in July 2008, Tony Emerald contacted me and formed the 3rd chapter of THIEF on Atlantic. And it's at this time where I shut down everything on Napa Valley and shipped everything across the pond to form the 4th chapter of THIEF on Siege Perilous in July of 2008... but it wouldn't stop there.
  • In August 2008, Nexus contacted me and formed the 5th chapter of THIEF on Chesapeake.
  • After 6 months on Chesapeake, in January 2009, Nexus came to me with an idea and we struck a bargain: With me on Siege Perilous (with no intentions of ever playing on production shards ever again), it was decided that he would be the one to spread THIEF from shard to shard on a World Tour. He would Character Transfer to a shard, establish a guild stone, recruit members, hand the guild over to someone capable & willing, and then transfer to the next--continuing to steal and post stories all along the way. And I told him that if he began this project and dedicated at least 100 episodes to the cause, I would permanently display the World Tour on a stand alone section on the site. From Chesapeake, with a brief stop on Atlantic, he made Legends his first target... This would be the first of three attempts to impregnate Legends with THIEF.
  • In early 2008, THIEF on Legends was first attempted by Rikimaru. Plans fell through, the guild never really got off the ground, and Rikimaru gave up the cause (although he later re-joined the guild on Atlantic and Siege Perilous). In February 2009, Nexus lands on Legends for the second attempt and it doesn't work out. And shortly after that, Lita contacts me with similar plans, but other than a few solo steals it all never fully materialized. (He also later re-joined the guild on Siege Perilous.)
  • Soon after these unsuccessful (but valiant) attempts to form a THIEF presence on Legends, Tony Emerald packs it up on Atlantic and forms the 6th chapter of THIEF on Europa and Rikimaru takes over the guild on Atlantic.
  • In January 2012, after nearly 2 years of inactivity, Johnny Hooker resurrects the guild and founds the 7th chapter of THIEF on Catskills as part a new thief alliance along with Francois Villon ([L^C] The Legion Of Chaos) and The Collector ([T.B] Thieves Of Britannia).
Through it all, it was this time between July 2008 to January 2010 which I consider to be the golden era of THIEF. Imagine four active guilds of thieves operating simultaneously on Great Lakes, Atlantic/Europa, Siege Perilous, and Chesapeake all operating under one flag, because that's what we had going. I was doing my own thing on Siege Perilous, but the others held their own, recruited their own people, and told their own stories on their respective shards--and it's this idea that was the key.

I've always said that it was the stories that made a THIEF guild "THIEF" (as opposed to yet another random thief guild that happened to have the same name). I've (also) said that the thing that thieves hate the most is other people telling them what they can't do. I took my own advice to heart and gave everyone else a free hand to do what they wished and it was only a loose association through stories (and occasional visiting) that held all four guilds together.

~ Special Thanks ~

Current and former THIEF members: pirella, Shade, KOONTA, Spock the thief, wanlorn, Morik, Winand, King Scoundrel, Arrr, Borgio, Yoink, Gamblor, Smeagol, Robyn Banks, Dirty Bag, Butter FIngers, Crimson Adder, Locke Smythe, Klepto, Black Widow, Regi, cro-mag, Ganab, Melody, Jose Muerto, Bill Brasky, Tony Emerald, A Blind Man, Norrar, Nexus, Peter Griffin, Nightstalker, Saint Dismas, Lord Puffy, Black Magick, Righty, Edward, One-eyed Jack, Jackal, your mom, Sweeney, Angus, Kylar Stern, Stabon, Alterix, Lita, Grey Mullet, Ash, Enkil Visigoth, Cheks Miks, Dieaxilus, Corpse, Booglerz, Hoodwink, Vanessa, The One And Only, Littlebo Peep, Janus Kerykeion, The Mule, Stabon, Rikimaru, Locke, sunset, Onjo Drak, Swindle, Ragnar, SaphirePhil, Crusoe, Renesmee, Mr. Sly, HappY EndinG, Diamonds, Marek, Bandit, McRibisBACK, beau, Vash, Kros, Artaniss, Galarand, Poo, Johnny Hooker, and everyone else I failed to mention.

-Chad Sexington

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