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Episode 0399: Good Cop, Bad Cop

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Hail friends,

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and it looks to be the beginning of another beautiful da--

The horror!

What kind of monster could have done such a thing? How sick and twisted does someone have to be to murder an innocen--

Oh, hi!

What's up?

Yeah, I thought it was funny too!


These trespassers are all the same; walking around like they own the place.

We have no choice but to let the brutal interrogation begin.

(The trick is to apply just the right amount of pressure before you crush their spirit and weaken their soul.)

Nightstalker has him right where he wants him.

(Tea Leaf is giving up everything!)


And when he can take no more -- with Nightstalker's "bad cop" routine running it's course -- I swoop in with my "good cop" and seal the deal:

We say our farewells and as a parting gift I offer Tea Leaf a ride home to save him some time and help ease his aching feet:


*crosses fingers*


(You win this time, but we'll meet again.)

'Til next time!

-Chad Sexington

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