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Episode 0400: Hand of DooM vs. Chad Sexington (Part 1 of 2)

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Hail friends,

Tonight's story is a good one and it all starts with an Event Moderator shield posted in Luna Bank.

Henry Swift and new recruit Kamados (of Barter Town Inc. fame) were already on location and the event had been underway for some time by the time I arrived.

...And Hand of DooM was already talking his usual trash in General Chat™.

I check out some of the fine folks, but Henry assures me that there isn't much to be had.

Given that this was only the first day of a 3 day event, it was unlikely that any event items would be handed out to anyone. It was all slim pickings at the EM's event and of course, this could only mean one thing...

...it was time to make my own event.

*cracks knuckles*

Enter Hand of DooM, stage left.

Hand of DooM had no idea what was coming his way. It was almost unfair.


But first thing's first; I had to find my prey.

EM Troubadour said that everyone should check the entire island for signs of the mongbat nest. Everyone would be hunting the mongbats, Hand of DooM would be hunting everyone, and I would be hunting Hand of DooM. The game is set, the players have arrived, and all the pieces are moving into their positions.

From the Lycaeum in the North West to the farms in the South East, I circle around the entire perimeter of the island of Moonglow. And then, as I'm stealthing clockwise, he's moving counter and the game is afoot!

He's on the hunt for the others and I'm right behind. He bobs while I weave and I'm unable to get him on tracking. I spot him again as we pass an alchemist shop in the Eastern part of the island and I spot him again as he's running in the opposite direction. I decide here is a good spot to set the trap.

I get into position.

Chad Sexington: I have a plan.

The plan was simple.

Alkaseltzer (of NEW2 fame) stops by to say "hi"... while he wonders what the hell I was doing.

He stops, speaks, pauses, and runs off.

I stand, stare, and don't move a muscle.

Thistle (also of NEW2 fame) arrives and also wonders what the hell I was doing.

And again, I stand, stare, and don't move a muscle.

Henry Swift was my eyes and ears as he followed the EM event crowd around and kept tabs on Hand of DooM's every movement:

Hand of DooM went North, and so I follow. Still on the hunt, I find a good spot and wait for him to come to me:

And again, more reports from Henry. And again, this process repeats; Henry spots, I move to Hand of DooM's last known whereabouts, I get into position, and I wait.

All over the entire island of Moonglow, the hunt goes on.

(No one ever said hunting live prey was going to be easy.)

The day was growing long and I settle on a spot right in the middle of the island, between the moongate and the bank. If I ever was going to catch up to him, it was going to be here, right?

And then Hand of DooM said exactly what I didn't want to hear:

(Oh, goddamnit.)

(Henry still wasn't in on the plan.)

Hand of DooM heads home, but then continues to sing his own praises in General Chat™:

(Some of the other onlookers were not impressed.)

Refusing to call it quits just yet, I try one last 11th hour move:

Unfortunately, I was going to go home empty handed this day. And yet, fortunately, this was only the beginning of the 3 day event. If my math was right, this meant that I would have at least 2 more chances for everything to go according to plan.

"Where's my prey at?"

I don't think Hand of DooM understands the rules of the game that we're playing. He doesn't yet comprehand how the world works. So let me spell it out as clearly as possible: In this world, I am the predator and he is the prey.

(To be continued.)

-Chad Sexington

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