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Episode 0398: An Uneventful IDOC

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Hail friends,

This latest adventure is a little odd. All the signs pointed toward an incredibly chaotic, exciting night of treasure, glory, and death robes and... it really wasn't. It was as textbook of an IDOC as they come. We begin roughly 5-6 days ago when an 18x18 stone fortress, named "DC South Hub," north of Barter Town begins to decay and the clock starts ticking. From 'slightly worn' to 'somewhat worn' to 'fairly worn', we watch and wait for a house full of goodies to fall.

For an 18x18 plot right in front of a T2A entrance, someone else was bound to notice it, right?

*cracks knuckles*

Because of this, I decide to give this IDOC the full treatment. I plop down a new foundation for a loot house on the other side of the cave (1 screen West of the IDOC) and prepare for battle:

Secret doors? Check.
Waterfall entrance? Check.
Chests on steps to dump loot? Check.
Chest full of orange petals, smoke bombs, and arcane boots? Check, check, and check.

'Fairly worn' turns to 'greatly worn' and in less than 48 hours, the fun would finally begin.

After all, my sources were telling me that at the very least, Wildfire knew about the IDOC:

And if Wildfire knew about it, then all of [A] knew about it. And if all of [A] knew about it then all of YARR, TnT, and TNA knew about it too, right?

Between The Gooch, Nightstalker, and myself, we all put in time watching the condition of the house and after a lot of hard work (and even more patience), Nightstalker is able to get the exact time the house turned 'IDOC', plus or minus 15 minutes:

(In exactly 7 hours and 13 mintues the party would finally get started.)

And yet, we were 6 hours into the final count down and it seemed like the entire population of Siege Perilous was busy with the usual trash talk, as if a house full of goodies wasn't about to fall:

We were prepared for the worst... but if the entire shard wants to leave it all for Nightstalker & me to solo loot, I guess I shouldn't complain?


I scoop up a Crystal Portal, a pair of Lich Statues, and still... no one shows.

Back and forth from the IDOC to the loot house, we fill our packs to our heart's content:

I take everything that Nightstalker doesn't, include a funny looking, blaze colored mirror:

We finish gobbling it all up and yet... I can't help but feel a little disappointed.

(I was promised deathrobes and they failed to deliver.)

I show Nightstalker my funny looking mirror and he shows me more:



(Okay, now you're just showing off.)


I look through my own things and decide that I made out with a fair bit of loot myself:

With various veteran rewards, artifacts, tokens, holiday items, bags full of armor, fists full of jewels, multiple tickets & scrolls, and enough iron ingots to create a Legandary Blacksmith from scratch (more than 120 thousand), as well has tens of thousands each of other resources and ingot types, all adding up to roughly 50-60 million gold worth of loot, I guess I'll just smile, as we fill our pockets, and call this a win. The rest of Siege must have been too sleepy (or too busy bickering in General Chat™) to put up much of a fight.

::The Next Day::

The Gooch: That mirror is an event item.
Chad Sexington: !!

Chad Sexington: !!!

(I now realize that my 50-60 million gold estimate may have been a little low.)

'Til next time!

-Chad Sexington

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