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Episode 0158: A Miner Inconvenience

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And so it begins.

There were many of us awake today, patrolling the lands for opportunities of wealth and fame. While the others were out of Barter Town I had a feeling someone might try to take advantage. I went to check it out.

Enervate, a stubborn miner who disregards the laws. He ignored me.

Enervate: Why should I do wear this sire? You will just relieve me of my belongings and I will not be able to keep such a fine hat. Tis a mockery by offering me such fashion.
Sweeney: Nay sir, you see...


A vagrant wandered into the mines. I thought he was trying to keep warm, but he ran back and for creating fire, shouting how great he was.

My comrades arrived at the mine to watch this crazy man and his fire dance.

Palvarik: The voices! They won't stop watching me!

I moved to investigate this man's belongings and found a donation to my liking.

I placed the gift in my bank and went back to the mine to watch the lunatic.

Now that the voices had a face, he demanded to fight. He began smacking himself in the head.

(Photo courtesy of Chad Sexington)

This man troubled me, but the fear of insane men could not stop me from being polite.

Being a kind and noble man, I had a few more words...

I had to help this man, so I offered him some food. He mumbled something about evil rabbits and stumbled towards me, falling onto my poisoned shuriken. Immediately his rabid dog lunged at me and I went down.

My friend Nightstalker came out of the shadows and attempted to offer the man some assistance. The crazed hobo tripped and brushed against Nightstalkers weapon, then ran out of the cave screaming. He was able to bribe the Minoc authorities into giving both of us a murder count before he died.

Do not help crazy people.

Minutes later a new miner appeared, the law abiding kind.

Enervate emerged from the shadows and approached the stranger.

Enervate: Sire, be careful.
Slave Children: Hail sir.

Slave Children informed him of the rules.

Enervate: Really sire?


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