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Episode 0156: A Quantum of Vengeance

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After a night of adventuring against delirious men with WaVy GrAvY, we had discovered a tea party for the "better class" the following night. I needed to make these aristocrats feel the humiliation I felt when I failed on a one stone item.

I came up with a plan and brushed up on my writing skills. It had to be convincing. What better way than to play to their greedy nature? An event!

I paid a slave two bits to make me 50 copies, and laid them in every land where I had ravaged maidens. Soon enough the people would bite.

As I said, every place I had ravaged a maiden.

The hours ticked by.. I see someone may have picked up on my plan and decided to toy with it.

I quickly replaced it and went to the scene when the time was right. Now I had noticed that the hall was renamed to a new EM, but would my prey?

Rats, the schedule had been changed! It matters not, they would stay.

I heard a strange voice in my head, unlike the many others.

Now I am not insane, but I had to respond to these voices in my head.

Slowly the suckers arrived.

Je'neneve showed up and began conflagrationing cats at random. It would have amused me if it wasn't ruining my plan to block everyone's movement.

They obviously couldn't follow instructions.

I wrote the names down: Pickles, Sara Dale, Cash, Zebidiah, Palvarik, Claudio, Lord Jesus, Arianna, Whysper, Quest, and Ari Lych.

Finally the EM showed up.

The cat was out of the bag.

Random aristocrat: So if this wasn't your doing, why are you here?
Random aristocrat #2: Was this her work? *pointing to the cat*

I had to defend the cat. I let my presence be known.

I then demanded to know the fate of our former EM, a biased fellow who I shall not name.

Complications was a corporate excuse, but I could not get a word in as the snobs flooded the air with nonsense. They began criticizing me, then something odd happened which ruined my plan.

He mentioned that someone may be recording this incident in pictures.

I was not expecting this after Alcor... could it be a fan?

EM Quantum began asking about new events, and the aristocrats began spouting mindless drivel as usual.

I had to have my say.

In the meantime I had snooped all of their packs and found nothing to steal. Even Quantum was not carrying reagents, alas.


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