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Episode 0209: Visit Siege night, oh how the goods were had...

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Visit Siege night, an interesting idea and one not to be looked over as far
as stealing goes, me and chad had a blast, 4 hours long and tons of goodies... lets being...

I start off in luna, about 30 mins before the event starts, and stumble upon a group hanging out at the stables...

I rummage through the backpacks, spot some jewelry I want to make mine, and do so accordingly

I spot a Pink scroll, cool, I go in for the swipe

And shes mine, in my initial inspection I spotted two scrolls, both shall be mine...

Muhaha, perfect, anyways it was getting late and the event was starting!!!

Bloody Mary is fighting people, people are being ornery, things are going crazy, I decide to see if I can steal in this place...

Indeed you can, good to know (I swiped a 105 scroll nothing important, the knowledge was what I was really after)

We keep getting disrupted and EM Quantum decides to head out to the first event! (that means prizes!)

He decides we should brawl for the event items, not a bad idea, I watch and snoop, and steal...!

I cant reach that, i move in closer and that nice ring is mine, I then take my turn at fighting in the ring (I want my PRIZE!)

I opt to fight startdust in hand to hand combat, this however, was taking too long, I use my shurikens and land a few, only to have them cured by onlookers! Fooie, Startdust casts a natures fury and the match took a turn for the worse, I die (!!) and get rezzed and Quantum hands me a sash...

while startdust gets a nice cloak... I call Shenanigans!!

I look around at all the cloaks being given out, i spot Savanah, she knows what shes doing, she gates to a bank, I follow ...

I fail, (rawr) I go back to the even, we move on to brit bank for intermission, Bloody Mary decides to fight a few people, I take advantage and snoop to my hearts content...

After this break we head to Cove and a foot (or mount) race ensues, we race out to the entrance, some make it, some don't, I laugh, good times...

The EM decides we all win and he hands out Cloak of Silence to everyone!

(look Sweeney's dagger!)

However, Some TnT decide to come in and ruin our fun, and Elvis see my guild tag, knows im a thief, and decides to attack me first and snag my cloak.....

I run inside, they chase, I bob, they weave, I die...

I rez, run as fast as I can, and snoop him, I see "my" cloak and go for the steal...! Bam its mine and now hes after me, I run, easily gaining 2 screens on him, yet, MAGICALLY he CATCHES UP TO ME (him mounted and me llama form... interesting) he kills me and WOOT 2min Bless FTW...

Now the rest happened fast (maybe more so because of just how FAST Elvis is... *wink*)

I steal "my" cloak back, and by this time a gate is open to Cove bank, I bank it run back and go into steal mode again, I spot another, steal it and bam! I set off a trap, I die but...

2 min BLESS! (again!)Yes, that makes 2 cloaks Stolen from Elvis (take that)

We then head back to nujhelom and the EM hands out more sashes

The even tapers out and we head back to luna, by this time Enkil and Jareth are on and we steal from randoms around the bank, Chad tells me of how many cloaks he snagged (6!) and also tells me he got the original off my body (and gives it bank, hes so nice!) bringing my total to 3 cloaks and two sashes, not too shabby.

The spoils of that night!


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