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Episode 0210: 3 of us, 12 of them...

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We start this adventure off in good spirits

Enkil heads to despise to check out the goings on

Enkil: "SP! is doing despise"
Me: "ok cool, keep us posted"

1 minute later

Enkil: "they've spotted me, might as well come..."
Me: "lol, omw!"
Ash: "omw too!"

So its us three vs about 12 of them...

we all coordinate our position (don't wanna trip over on another)

SP! is busy downing the coon while we make our plans....

My target is Superstition, hes blue, hes not really attacking the coon, good chance hes a protector (one can hope)

Superpstiton decides to make this hard on me and darts around, I don't want to shadowjump to her, reds are around and their AoE's could / would pull me out of stealth, instead, I let him come to me....

He runs right up next to me (but not through me!) and I open his pack, now I wait...

I know I know the first rule to champ stealing is to snoop as many packs as possible, but with 2 other thieves around and reds doing their thing I decide to pop just one and roll the dice....

Superstition runs off, but his pack stays open (lucky me), the coon is almost dead, I pop human and get ready to target and run by steal, when Superposition does the smart thing and Invis's, his pack closes and I curse the gods, just my luck.

I quickly decide that I'm going to have to snoop someone else and see what I can get my dirty little hands on, Aphrodite begins picking up gold, and again snuggles right up next to me

A 110 stealing, not wanting to come away empty handed I yoink it quickly and take off, easily escaping. My stealing sense was still tingling (after running across 3 other 110's on the groud) I decide to run back and see what else is to be had.

Hugibear is also picking up gold...


Snoop, 115 eval, not too shabby, I target it, hit my use skill stealing, last target macro "you must be standing next to an item to steal it"


I run off, fizzle llama twice and hide. I got away, but the taste of failure is fresh in my mouth, Enkil and Ash are both dead, failed to get away, I am away with 4 ps's in my pack, but am not satisfied, I go back to Hugibear, I stare at him and try again.

I steal it and I take off, Hugibear is right on my heels, I fizzle Llama 3 times (sweet) and finally make it to mount speed, Hugibear hits me with a poison, I cure it (woot pots) and am spamming my Smoke bombs, I get two screens on Hugi and I bomb, BUT I DIDN'T STOP RUNNING...

So bomb, and run out, amazing, Hugibear is still chasing me (most likely laughing at this point, I would be) while I dodge the spawn and try to out run him...

I bob left and then double back and gain an easy 1.5 screens when HUGIEBEAR CATCHES UP TO ME

(hes fast)

(too fast...)

I get para'ed and the rest is history

All in all Ash, Enkil, and I failed, I blame my self for my greediness and my single mistake that lead to my failure.

I look at this in a decent light however, next time I smoke bomb, I'll remember to stand still....!!!!!


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