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Episode 0211: They call me, Sidearm Stealer!

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This story will be short and sweet, I have to preface this steal with two others just like it, only minus action screen shots (I still get excited when I steal and sometimes forget screenies)

So the pvpers are out and about around luna like normal...

I spot Duracell without his usual Weapon

Upon closer inspection its a Bokuto (hes a Katana man iirc)

A nice Bokuto...

I target the Bok and follow him around, waiting for him to inevitably swap weps and for my chance to steal it.

Its not long until my plan is put into action, Duracell swaps weps and I go in for the steal

Unnoticed Steal! (woot) I quickly bank the Bok, Duracel follows me to the bank and I flaunt (only a little)

Durcell tells me that thieves suck and the bokuto was crap, he looted it, and he makes millions in kills

I tell him, its MY crappy Bokuto now, and I will play with it every day

he rebutes with a "thieves take no skill" and I strike back with a "I stole your thingymajig!"

In the end I won, with that shiny bokuto tucked safely away in my bank...

But this is just day one, would you believe if I said in the next two days I would make two more "Sidearm Steals"

Believe it...

Day 2

So another day like before, Mike-D (aka, my Favorite person to snoop) is also (like Duracell) without his usually wep (a nice Bokuto)

Instead he has a bright green Katana (almost the inverse story of Duracell, weird)

Again I was nervous and didn't get many screens of this steal either, but it goes just like the last one

I target the wep, snoop him, and wait

not even a minute passes and he swaps to his tried and true bokuto, and i strike!

And she is mine...

Day 3

With my previous Sidearm Steals behind me, and my lack of decent screen shots, I decide if I do it again I'm doing it right (more pictures!)

SP! is fighting more TNT outside of luna, they are chasing down some reds, nothing unusual...


Mike-D, my favorite person (the person I love to snoop most...) is running around (quite quickly if I might add...)

I get a bead on him as he stops, and snoop


another nice sidearm, the pack quickly closes (after I had already targeted the Broadsword) but I didn't get a good look at it, was it worth stealing?

The answer turns out to be yes (anything that isn't mine (and should be) is worth stealing) but I want to check it out and make sure its worth more than my regs...

I stumble over the many stealthers about and Mike-D decides to put on his non-blessed weapon

(he is learning, noted)

It isn't long until more fighting happens, he swaps weps and now its only a matter of time...

ok so far I can't even get next to this restless man, let alone have a chance as stealing this wep...

And as quickly as everyone arrived, they are gone, Mike-D, the Reds, everyone, but where did they go...

I look around Luna to no avail, they just all went away...

I check despise...


I moongate hop...


I look deep inside my self, I think of my past steals, I think of Taoism, I decide to not oppose the will of the world at this moment, instead, I decide to wait this out...

I like Mike-D come to me...

about 5 minutes later I find my target sitting in a house, his main Bokuto equipped, wanting me to snoop him, I track him hoping not to lose him this time and wait...

He takes off and Tek is just behind him, I follow Tek and I find him and Mike-D at a house on the southern side of Luna

I decide to snoop Mike-D first to see if that Sidearm is still at his side

(it is)

And I make my move...

Mike-D dashes in front of me, cutting my escape off, he swings his trusty Bokuto at my head, only grazing me (I got a nasty bump to prove it)

I double back, running along the front of the house (Tek was interestingly enough, not in my way)

and pop a smokebomb! (not running off, I learn too)

I'm hidden, but he knows where I am, not wanting to risk him or Tek revealing me, I wait 3 seconds and take off, I head out of luna (this steal being unnoticed I hope that if I am killed, the 2 minute bless will be in effect) Mike and Tek are both chasing me, but I am slippery this time and hide as they gallop by.

Now I have 3 beautiful Sidearm sitting in my bank...

And thats the tale of why they call me "The Sidearm Stealer!" (guild title!)


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