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Episode 0198: A Long, Long.. hard days work.

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So here I am...minding my own business at luna (like always),hidden.Sipping on some tea..When I catch word of a champion spawn soon to be summoned in despise![Or despice as bloody mary likes to call it]
Bloody mary: So we do Despice?
T R U: sure if ya like

Seems this guy has some duty to attend to, before joining in on the fun..

I perk up a bit, Contemplating wether I want to sit there while they work the entire spawn.. But it didnt take me long to decide to get there before anyone notices, and wait it out. (Afterall I dont often pass up opportunities to steal SoT's And powerscrolls!)

So.. I arrive at depise huffin and weezing from the long run...
happy to have made it there alive.. and before anyone else.

I decided to search around the the area to see if my guest's of honor have arrived yet.

I only find Bloody mary working the spawn... seems the other one is still "using the restroom and getting gear"

So i decided to take a break, while she grinds the spawn to get me(i mean her) some goodies.

Quickly growing tired of this one man exstravaganza, I look for any other souls to be found.

Ah look who finally decided to join the party, T R U.
I'd thoughten a sea serpent had came up through his toilet and ate him up!
WHATS THIS? You've brought me gifts? you shouldn't have... no.. seriously you shouldnt have!

I decide to test my patience, and wait for the perfect time.

This Was it, Now or never!

I creep my hands into his pack and...

PRESTO! The scroll was mine.. I skip off, very happy with myself..

But I didn't want to leave the fun just yet...there were more goodies to be had, and britain was such a
Long ways away!!

I decide to stash my precious pink steal behinds some tall stalagmites, So i can return to the fun.
*Now you see it!*

*Now you dont!*

Well this isnt at all fishy looking.... not one bit!

It seems while i was off stashing my newly aquired treasure, Someone new had joined us.

I check her pack A.S.A.P.

Empty.... *sigh*

Heart broken I decide to check good ole' T R U's pack once more, to try to lift my mood.

Whats this! I somehow missed this little gem of a shield the last time I snooped his pack?

Hmm Blood Mary is guarding, I decide to play the patience game again... it worked that time..

Argh! Another person making me wait to take whats mine!

At last an open chance, I stalk him through the dungeon,Waiting... Hoping..

Finally hes all alone and has nowhere to go, I forcefully take the shield,giggling with glee like a little school girl.

This was becoming all too easy...I *yawned* at the lack of challenge and opposition.
I began day dreaming of easily taking a 120 scroll from these fools.

*Shakes head* But there was no time to waste, I scurry on over to my loot hole, and toss the shield under the stalagmites cover.

I check Anck-sa-numun's pack once more to be sure.

*cries* nothing still? YE SLACKER! I move on.

Once again i find T R U wandering around, This time he had a 105 scroll in his pack...twas' not worth my time.

I check on the Skull candles.These people work very slow.

And this lttle montage is why I known in these lands as Sir "Corpse"

After dying, and running back to despise from brit moongate, Over and over,
I decide to be patient again.... stay calm, stay still..

it dosent last long, I quickly find myself snooping T R U waiting for that magical split second of scrolls popping in the pack.

Someone invises him, I stay still waiting for him to show.

Ah there they are, my precious scrolls!

I lose interest, but soon find something else Im interested in, these nice fire resistant gloves.
(I was appearently unware I was revealed and I had an ebolt coming straight for my ass.

And that was that... No I did not get the powerscrolls I waited so long for, But I was still pleased with my new treasures.

I decide to call it a day and be happy with what I earned.

my first few days on siege have been very prosperous,Id Like to thank all of you who chose to leave such goodies in your pack for little ole me..
Hugibear, TDO guild... Tnt... Thx!

(and not to forget my 2 new items. 1.0 Mysticism SOT and Exemplar shield! Courtesy of T R U.)

Hope to yoink you're belonging's soon,


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