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Episode 0203: Home Invasion

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So there I was, sitting hidden at the bank, looking forward to another mediocre day of naked bank stealing sub par loot.

I had been chasing around some Luna warriors earlier and I was getting very angry that I had been unable to steal from Phanterous (sp?) Cat, due to his constant stealthing. I see Cat tell Shay goodnight and I then proceed follow him to the MD house.

Whats this?

EvilMage inside MD house? Hmmm, smells like a wannabe THIEF infiltration scheme to me. Ill have to notify the troops about this…

Cat disappears from inside the house, and moments later NaTiVe AmeRiCaN appears through a moongate and runs inside.

Hmmm, wonder whats goin on? I better check out this gate.

I stumble through the gate to find myself, where… haha, inside the secure portion of Cat's house.


I check for potential freebies, but everything is locked down and secured… damnit.

I think ill stick around and see if I can catch someone coming home to suit up.

After waiting a few minutes, I notice SaTeN walking around the floor below me.

At first glance he appears to be a naked noob training skills… but upon further examination, I find out he is actually a partially naked noob training skills with some goodies in his pack…ehhhhhxcellent.

I see he is carrying a nights kiss, and whenever he appears from hide stealth, I see that in his backpack he is carrying a cloak of corruption, planesword, and an imbued LRC set… !!! I want it all!

But I am worried about revealing myself after stealing 1 item... if he isn’t actually unattended, I will only get one item.... Hmmm...I need to kill him!

But how? I have been naked bank stealing. I have nothing! No regs, no arcane, no lrc, no weapon. Ah! I will use my pixies of dooooooooom.

*runs upstairs to summon pixie*

*pixie appears in unreachable part of the house* …Damnit!

*checks to see if SaTen noticed*

Phew, good to go

Hmm, how can I kill this fucker?!?!

I guess Ill just nab this cloak of corruption while I think about it…

Ah… nice. Hmmm ill got for the planesword next

ah, sweet. Hmm, now how do I kill this fucker!



*equips planesword and morphs into poisonous serpent*


SaTen falls and I make sure to loot that delicious Nights Kiss first. Then I help myself to some nice imbued lrc armor.

As Im looting away contently, a see a moongate pop open at the front door. Through it pop Phantisrfirjvb… Cat, a greater dragon in tow, and some other dude. Oh, and my fellow thief Ash!

Knowing that my cover is blown and wanting to get away with my fresh loot (all that was left was the junk anyways…) I quickly hide, leave house, bolt, all the while typing in guild chat "ASH! RUN!", but I believe he ended up being the meat shield I needed to escape safely with my precious loot! Thanks Buddy!

All in all, I think I have to deem Operation Home Invasion… Success!

-Enkil Visigoth

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