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Episode 0161: 10 Minutes More

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I was in the middle of a training session when I heard a fellow THIEF utter the words I hate to hear.

Unnamed Thief: I'm tired of this...logging.

I had known what this thief was up to and went to watch occasionally during my breaks between training. It seems the suspect had taken a break lasting longer than normal. I could not stand to see such an opportunity go to waste for the lack of a thief being around! I had to act. I waited patiently until the criminal returned.

It seems someone was having a bad day.

Put some clothes on!

I saw what looked like a fine gift to my lady friend.

On second thought, it would be a better gift to myself. Another miner came along, Ramirez, the kind of miner I like. The two forced a "Hello" and awkwardly silence ensued. Westley brilliantly thought of a way to end the conversation.

And he ran far away from the horrors of socializing down the mountainside. He could almost hear Ramirez wanting some company, and he had to run further. He ran so far into the mountain that he was out of sight of the guards.

His fear of people was going to be his doom. I summoned my army.

We were going to toss coins to see who would strike first but we had no coins, and we had no hands. I volunteered.

We moved into position, I wonder what he was thinking as he saw such an immense group of llamas.

*Westley: Oh no it's happened! The animals are rising up against us!*

Using my teeth I flung a shuriken at him.

*Westley: They've mastered the martial arts! Mankind is doomed!*

We stood back to allow this man to speak his final words.

Westley: May my death appease the animal armies of the world.

It won't.

We rushed over to his lifeless corpse and spat on it, as llamas like to do.

I dispersed the army and took my prize.

To the Unnamed Thief, ten minutes more and this could have been yours!


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