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Episode 0072: The Blues Of Brail

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"Get Out!, Get Out!, Get Out!.....

I awake by Kathleen the stable master kicking hay in my face.

"This is not your home, damn it!"

"Move along","This is the Third time this week!"

I reach for my walking stick.... nothing... *sigh*

I roll over to my hands an knees and find the wall,

Using my hands I look for the wall, i move my hands along the wall, Rough Sandstone...... Luna....

I Hurl! My disgust for luna? NAY! My fiesta... Lunch, Well boose....

Tony gave them to me! I SWEAR!

I Stand in the bank, i make out a a white vailed woman

"God your Good looking"....

Kimberly- " Excuse me?"

"I reach my hands out"


Ew, My do my fingers stink?

I turn around and make it for the exit.

*Crash.... Thump, Thump, Thump*

Damn stairs..... No Rails going down these steps.

Hmph. I make my way to the painful blue swearing mystic llama breader thingy "they" call a moongate.

I make my way to YEW!

I find (U dont wanna kno) I reach wildly into his pack, my fingers cress a bumpy blade... A KRYSS, i feel the kryss, Whoever made this has limited ability, It wouldent become mine, I need my walking stick back......

I wander around aimlessly, Finding nothing..... Most people have tipped of the Royal Guards to protect their loot.

I move to Brit.


I Smell a MINER!, I run WEST along the moutain,

There i find tube.... Hello Tube..... He just sits, Awaits inpending doom?
Maybe he is signing a check for I!

NAY, i feel through his pack.....

I make my presence noticable, to see if i can startle him.... Not a stir.

I pocket his goods and move on... I should of left him a book, Another time

I find my way back to the sandstone city of Luna,

"NEWS! Horrible, blood chilling news!"

"I KNOW!" Everything is insured.....

I make my way back to Yew and find Arlington....

I feel through his pack.... A RUNE!

Etched on the back "Guild House"


My fingers are greedy,

*i swipe, I Prance like a proud llama*

I Recall to the rune....

Home owned by LORD FOUL...... I KNOW YOU! *Flashback needed*

i stand on his porch.....

awaiting his entry into the home... Kal o Port, He leaves... Darn!

He reappears and hides.....

I stir the pot BELEAVE ME!

Lord Foul Runs around Wildly- A Savage, Chad has spoken of these....

*i look on in intrest*

I Decide to make my presence known... a little more

Lord Foul calls for reinforcments

In comes Kimbo Slice..... Who tries to start and earthquake but fails just like TUBE did........ A horrible death might be upon him...

I speak out

*"Need Help EH?"

A Wild chase begins, i win, a laugh a chuckle....

they run around wildly trying to pick up a scent... nothing..

I Depart, I am tired... The Banks of quited down for the night.

The day light fades to dusk.....

Goodnight world, I arrive home and begain to lay down in my bed...

*Kathleen the stable master* "Welcome back blind, Heres a blanket. One more day........


-A Blind Man

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