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Episode 0078: my char just became green again…….

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Lilo 100
Lilo 100
Lilo 100
Lilo 100

I arrive at T4H Guilds auction, cleverly named (the 4 horsemen)

I would rather have snorted my valium than ever step foot in this house….

T4H Made sure of that as well…….

I was gob smacked; I equipped my dagger and attempted to make sure another of these “ghastly” events would never happen again. To my pleasure we were in malas.. a cruel land full of underdeveloped, square homes….

I disappear out of the house into the street…

“Fuc*, I’m Banned” states a homeless man

I pump my fist, not only am I blind, I have a lisp…..

This is simple folks….. T4H Does not support
#1 Vision impaired players.
#2 They have a strange hate for players who have lisp’s….

We manage to get all POO players booted from the house, we yell and banter outside the home making sure T4H never has another event like this EVER again…

I cant stand another statue or a tokuno treasure…. The feel of one right now makes me loose impatience.


Winner of the 2008 Summer Naked Mile….

TINY TIM!- tiny has 37 min’s to contact me to collect his prize…

I continue the nights slumbers….

I arrived at YEW!

Where I find 2 male players…. Of a different sexual orientation…. If you get my hint….

Don’t ask, don’t tell right?

I’m confused and disgusted……

I find the player…. If you can call him that ( U dont wanna kno)


My fingers feel through his pack…. A ring? Eh?

YES! The tape worked this time……

I return back to Luna and find a player trying to sell a 115 PS Fencing….

Soriah- “ Selling 115 fencing, or trade”
Blind-“ Hey I have a few fel vendor house, come inside and see if you want anything for trade…..”

Now this seems simple… I arrive in fel and get the scroll right?

We arrive in fel and I ask him to kindly come into “my home”

He comes in, I reach inside my pack…. OooOo Nice Legs…
He is loaded with Runic armor… I take a gander… with already one pair in my pack…

I end up with 4 High end runic armor….. Nice end to a weekend Eh?

More to come on Lord Foul and the COL Gang…… More like girl scouts.

-A Blind Man

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