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Episode 0069: Defence is the best offence

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I Have my land, I Have my health, and I now have a 50% discount on Buc's barmaids. . . . . . .

But I hear the faint *Clunk* of a pickaxe......



Defence - The act of defending, or the state of being defended;
protection, as from violence or danger.
[1913 Webster]

As I lay here in my new tent that was so graciously provided with my new land I feel somethingís missing from the scene....


Of Course!

Private land must be sign posted!

I must give people warning if I am to keep them away......

*Gets out paint and brushes*


*Nails finished sign to tree*

That should do........





*Wolf Form*

*puts on best angry face*

I know someoneís out there stealing my ore.....

I know they were wondering if I had any daughters in any of these tents.....


'Well I did warn them.....' I mutter to myself

I know I've already got a bit of poison lube on my dagger so warnings given and I'm prepared to carry it out....

And I wonder into the cave to find my first vict......eermm....Trespasser...




'Are you lost maybe?'


'Did you see the sign?'


'You're an ignorant bugger.....'




1/3 of his life goes in one slash as lightning, poison and dagger strike combine.....

*He's dead* I tell myself


He obviously didnít think so as he hits his protected recall and vanishes from sight!!!!!!!!

*Son of a bitch*

Iím left alone in the empty cave cursing the one that got away.....



Iím starting to like this lethal poison....

Still laughing I head back to my bedroll, but before I could go 10 steps William Appears!

This time I give no warning....



My dagger hits nothing but air......


'You mock me?'



I hit shadow by accident.....

Heís halfway dead so I prepare poison to finish him off but I didn't realise id run out of the poisonous lube......

I swing madly catching him every third or fourth time....

*Surely if heís awake he would have recalled*



I finally wear him down..

And deliver a death strike to finish him off

'William, you fight well in your sleep!'I congratulate him before rummaging through his pockets

A Decent Payment!!

But since u didnít give it up voluntarily I still require passage gold from you!!!


As I finish looting William another blue miner shows up, walks round Williamsís corpse a bit and wonders off...

*Could this be Williams Alter-ego??*

I Follow....

But he disappears...

Iíll be keeping my eye out for you...



I check my criminal status..

And go to put my Blackrock away safely with my others.

After taking a quick siesta at Luna I decide to go back and stake my land out yet again....

And come across a Familiar face.....

Quickly checking for his Passage money..

And I find nothing but ore and shovels.....

Obviously heís trying to rob me.....


It seems people arenít paying attention to my sign, so i put out a little extra warning.... now nobody has any excuse!

After a little while I hear that ever familiar Clunk....... Clunk

I follow my ears and find someone more interesting than your average slave....

*Shadow lords?*

Could it be that this man is not just a miner but also a silver machine....

I have heard of these people, they are made by their master purely to die to deliver silver given out for faction kills.....

I decide to relieve the poor man of this fate....

By killing him myself!

But Iím surprised to see him appear a few seconds later, and he just stands there....

*Could he be waiting for backup?*

I wait to find out..

And I Donít have to wait long as Raizen of the fabled guild *E* arrives and starts running round trying to find the murderous Thief......

I sit safely wrapped in the shadows and follow him about, watching how he moves and if he stops....

He still hasnít paid his passage fare for himself or his miner friend after all...

He finally settles and I pop closer for a better look..

And find all the confirmation I need..

So not a friend but the slaveís cruel master!!!

Iím disgusted to see the checks and resources in his pack from Vians hard work.....

I plan to kill him but decide heís more valuable alive...

*Looks nervously at the Thief killing crossbow*

So I check what he has that will cover both his and Vians passage for this day..

*that will do nicely*

*Marks It*

*Feels It*

*Takes It*

Thank Thee Raizen! You and you slave may more freely on my mountains, for today..........



I wait around for a while but nobody was about...

*Have I succeeded?*

*Have all the slave drivers given up for the day?*









I know that weak arm clunk......

I heard it earlier..



I wonder up though the mountain, i can see his name but where is he...

The caves overlap each other......


'Son of a bitch!'

*The one that nearly got away!*

I make it quick as I know what tricks this man can pull...

And I find my reward!



Todays result was a good one, Iíve defended my land and the rewards were great....

But itís not for me....

After all Iím a thief! Not an Assassin!

So I Bank my takings for the day and crawl into a comfy bed at the Inn above, itís been a long day and walking home just doesnít sounds like fun to me.....



So miners feel free to mine in Minoc,..

But I will be checking back on you from time to time so donít get too comfy!!!!!!!

-Tony Emerald

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