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Episode 0068: Sticky Fingers (Finale)

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On my way into yew, I had the strangest feeling someone was following me.

I kept stopping and looking over my shoulder to see nothing but the yew woodlands. It was seemed as if each plant I past was attempting to get my attention. Every blade of grass I stepped on seemed to be pushing me back. The trees seemed to be looming over me in a menacing kind of way.

I tried to simply ignore these delusions I was having but the trees kept tripping me out.

Deciding to get off of the grass, I make a quick and dexterous leap through the shadows onto the roof of the Yew Bank.

And to my surprise a small pile of treasure awaits me. ^^

A great feeling of happiness washes over me as I scoop the items into my pack.

I begin to laugh.

And then I begin to laugh harder.

I continue laughing as I wonder to my self why this is so funny.

Suddenly I stop laughing.

*What am I so happy about this isn't a steal! Who ever left these here is probably watching and laughing at ME right now! *

I consider throwing these items to the floor and laughing out to who ever is playing this elaborate joke on me, but I don't.

I bank the items and jump back to the ground below


It was much easier walking back to the gate than it was walking to the bank. The trees were back to normal looking, but the grass was still pushing me; but, pushing me in the direction I want to go.

I sort of surfed the grass back to the gate.

It was weird.


Arriving at the gate I find no other men and am left alone with this horse that won't stop giving me these intense expressions with his big eyes.

It kept leering at me, eyes open wide... very creepy.

Then i began to hear something that sounded like words come from its mouth. Very quiet and ghostly, repeating something...

I step closer and lean in to hear better and it seems to stop.

Face to face with this creepy horse, I turn my head and look into its big creepy eyes and all of a sudden...

"JOSE" I hear as If from all sides.

My heart jumps, fight or flight kicks in. Should I run or should I slay this strange mumbling creepy eyed horse?

I swing my dagger wildly.

The sounds stop. I turn and walk a few steps away from the lifeless body. I look back to see his eyes still transfixed on me.

*Eh? Whats wrong with me? Why am I tripping out? What was up with that horse? Did I just imagine all that?*

I head to the bath house in Buc's den for a relaxing bath.

The regular female inhabitants flock to my side.

"BEGONE!" I say with force "I am in no mood for thine toothless grins"

The crowd boos and awws as they slowly disperse. ...

After bathing a sense of normalcy comes over me.

I feel refreshed and full of energy.

As I am about to step through the gate, a peasant comes running through hysterical about some vampire at yew.


I have heard of these men before but am unaware if I have come across any in my adventures so far.

I head to the Yew gate to track down this vile creature.


There he was, the vampire.

I snoop his pack and find several bags I pop the first one and spot some strange items.

Thread of life? I'll take that, what ever it is.

I take the item and causally stand next to him as if nothing happened.

He looks over at me and gives me a sort of nod, as if acknowledging my presence.

Thats when i take it upon myself to continue to rummage through his pack.

Finding my greatest treasure yet.

At 2 stones an easy steal.

The reds standing beyond the guards begin to talk to him.

I snatch the item.

Vampires are very strange indeed. They seem so oblivious to things going on around them.

"Hey munky"

"You want a free keep?"

*opens red gate*

Munky doesn't respond.

Its then when I moused over his paper doll that I saw that not one thing was insured.

This man must truly think he is the most bad ass of all bad asses. Who needs insurance if no one can kill you? Right?


I plan on robbing this man blind, as he has not even noticed my intentions, but I make a clumsy choice in my next steal and get flagged on an 8 stone item and run away.

Upon my return he was no where to be found.

-Jose Muerto

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