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Episode 0067: An Evening Stroll

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Today I secured myself some Land, I defended it with my life, well Tracks anyway.....

Now i deserve a reward!!

But I didnít want to pay for her myself......


After my hard work securing my land of Minoc mountains today I decided I would like to treat myself to a nice lady (used loosely) I met call Karli....

Sheís pretty.......sheís curvy..........sheís got a great sense of humour......

She charges by the hour..........and she charges heavily........

Which is a problem for me, because Iím feeling greedy.

So i put down my beer, threw on my shroud and headed out to find someone who would pay the charges for me!!


Thatís how I found Smitty!

Mining with a katana...

Thatís odd...



*Pops Pack*

He stops before i get a good look......

*He might be recalling*

Katana or not I had to do something quick....



He thankfully had no skill with the Katana......

Slowly my poison wears him down, he tries to sacred journey twice to no avail and finally......

3,000 gp!!


*If he can afford that on his taxes he must be carrying something valuable.....*

My mind races as my hands races checking his pockets....


Four lovely pieces of the stuff!

I Thank Thee Smitty For Thy Donation!!!!


I begin doubting whether karli would take lumps of rock to allow me to feels her lumps and bumps.....

I need something made well out of quality rare metal.........

*Pushes Random Button*

Luna Gate




*Fel Yew Gate*

And I find........

His name eludes me....

But His Shield doesnít.......

A thing of fine quality! Of fine craftsman ship! Of copper? Or gold?

*If I canít tell maybe she can't*


Off to have my rewards!

Off to enjoy the sweet fruits of Karli!

On to Slap! On To Hop! On To Tickle!

-Tony Emerald

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