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Episode 0070: The Mis-adventures of Krelian: Story #1

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I made a visit to the beautiful thief guildmistress's house.

Strangely she did not answer. Now she could have just been out for a walk, but me being the overreacting type I figured I better make sure she was ok. So I kicked in the door and began searching for her. She was not inside so I did what any overreacting love struck thief would do, I searched the house for clues.

I shuffled through exotic underwear from the tribal groups of the southern jungles and from the wolf people of the northern snow capped mountains, but found nothing which provided any clues.

I then came across a small note on the floor.

The thieves guild has taken the guildmistress! The kidnappers must have accidentally dropped this note. How could they do this? She was the most beautiful guildmistress we had ever had.

I quickly ran outside to try and track the kidnappers.

Surely the guildmistress did not go easy there must be a trail left on the ground. However after searching the area thoroughly I found nothing. These kidnappers must have drugged her, there is no other way they could have captured her without anything being out of place.

I ran to the dock near the house to see if they had taken the boat, but it was safely docked.

The boat was still there so they did not go by sea. Hmm I will have to consult Grahf, my source in Treve.

Grahf always knows what is going on in the world. For him not to know must mean this was a deeper conspiracy than I had originally thought. Perhaps this was more than just replacing the guildmistress, perhaps this was the beginning of a plan for world domination.

I had to figure this out fast so I went back to the guildmistress's house to look for anything I had missed.

What is this!! The guildmistress was already replaced. I should have played it cool, I should have tried gathering information from this new guildmaster, but once again my emotions got the better of me.

I ran up to the guild master, grabbed his collar, and demanded he tell me what they did with the guildmistress.

He attempted to flee from me but I caught him by his cloak.

Guildmaster: What are you talking about? who did what to the guildmistress?
Krelian: You know what I am talking about the thieves guild replacing her so that she won't stand in their way of world domination.
Guildmaster: World domination? What are you talking about she just went out to get a new parrot for the shipyard because the other one was annoying the sailors too much. I'm just here until she gets back.
Krelian: Liar, look at this note I found in her house, clearly spelling out their dastardly plan.

Guildmaster: That is just the note from the first mate requesting she replace the parrot.

I reread the note over and over again, but I was not convinced. At that moment I heard somone coming from the direction of the dock.

Aha! the culprits are back .... I ran towards the sound of the steps ... but to my joy and surprise it was the guildmistress!

Guildmistress: Get off of me! And what are you blathering about? Go help Fredrick set up the parrot cage and be quick about it the sailors should be arriving any time now.

The guildmistress was an amazing women she had escaped the clutches of the traitors in the thieves guild and took their parrot as a prize while she was at it. Surely there was no other woman for me.


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