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Episode 0061: A Blind Man's Weekend Conclusion - Slim Pickings

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*Move your Ass*
*This isn't Disney Land*

What in the Hell Is Disney land?

As I Awake from a great slumber, I find Morning Glory Yelling at members of this fine city.

I Inspect Morning Glory from head to toe, I wonder if she is one of these "slaves" we hear in sosoria so much about.

She Pounds the wood so hard it makes a grown man cringe, Over and over again.........

i wash my face in the horse trough in luna, even the horses look at me with disgust... i yell random words at them and walk away..

Hmmm. Nothing Happening here, I run to the Moongate (God These are Painfull) and appear in Yew...

I Scan, Just the typical people. I See Cha Cha, mmM Mmm Maybe good as morning glory?....

As Cha Cha is attempting to heal one of her own, i scan your pack...

Ooo *Starts to Drool* a nice Kryss but she is paid up on her taxes.... Another time Cha Cha, another Time.

I run back to Luna to check my treasure , I overhear a Reporter in town yelling about a blood bath at the Castle.

I Sneak past the guards disguised as a wolf. I Sit in the main council chair and observe.... Good Work Tony Emerald

Good work! But next time can you Clean up a bit? Eh?

I Decide that the weekend has turned up to be dreary, so i return to my home city of Minoc...

I Smell something strange in the air....... A SLAVE!

*opps Tinkle Tinkle * i got excited....

I run around the moutain and there he is. TRACK!

*A Blind Man* Your Gp Or Your HP!
*A Blind Man* Last Warning......
*A Blind Man* Cachunk, Death is the sound

I lay his body underneath the over hang of the mountain to try to cover my tracks.....

Next time i shall leave a book for him to read

Track to use these moutains i require 500,000gp per day.

Track i wish you well.

X Signed
A Blind Man

Inside the pack i find 9 blackrocks, I take my loot and return back to my home,

If I can Find it........


A Blind Man

-A Blind Man

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