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Episode 0060: Sticky Fingers (Part I)

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Lucid Dream...

{from wikipedia}

A lucid dream is a dream in which the person is aware that he or she is dreaming while the dream is in progress, also known as a conscious dream. When the dreamer is lucid, he or she can actively participate in the dream environment without any of the inhibitions or limitations that otherwise would feel natural to persons who incorrectly believe they are in the "real" waking world.

I dreamed i was in cove

I remember the city was under siege by many evil creatures. Daemons, nightmares and strange men clad in black riding atop black horses were near the north end of the town.

I quickly joined the thieves guild and remember thinking why I wasn't still in it.

Then suddenly I found my self in Luna standing behind a man peeking into his pack.

There were two soldiers standing next to me and three other men looking my way.

I remember feeling very nervous.

Why was I feeling nervous? Why did my hands and reflexes seem slow, my fingers not as nimble? Where was all my gear?

How was I peeking in the pack of a player while in luna?!

Thats when I realized I was dreaming. It hit me in my head like a ton of bricks. I remember feeling very excited and almost waking up, but somehow I managed to keep going.

I began to inspect the items in his pack, I found nothing insured just blessed this and that. Whats this?

Spring cleaning ticket?

A deed of some sort. Not blessed!

I reached my clumsy hands into his pack and took the deed.

Stealing items in luna! What fun!

I then remember I was in Umbra and i was wearing a Hooded Shroud. I was looking in the pack of a man banking at the city bank.

I was ready to run in and steal anything he put in his pack. But he just opened a gate and left.


Thats when I wake up with a small pile of mushrooms in front of me and a strange taste in my mouth. I started to vividly remember my dreams and was thinking how great it would be if I could steal everywhere.

I laughed at the thought and pulled my self together.

Rising to my feet I hear the sound of someone coming through a moongate and realize that the Britain gate is not too far from where I am.

I hurry there and pop the pack of jack who i see standing near the gate.

Opening a bag of mempos quickly evaluate which one is the best and make my steal.

Not bad!

A gate then opens to the north east and I follow him only to be ejected from his private house.


I head to yew to do some gate thieving.

Opening the pack of Highlander I spot something to my liking.

I quickly make it mine.

A perfect steal, however I was not satisfied.

I take a short stroll around the woods and finding no one I decide to return to the gate.

I return to a raging battle.

Within the pack of cross I find a mighty dagger.

I feel I should be satisfied, but still I'm not.

I hang around and pop more packs.


While digging through the pack of the stealth archer alexis I find a shield I intend to make mine.

I run at her and shove her to the ground while i yank the shield from her pack.

She lets out a blood curling scream and I run as fast as I can.

Another clean steal. Still quite unsatisfied I head to the yew bank to stow my items.

To be continued...

-Jose Muerto

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