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Episode 0058: Part #3 - The First Weekend Conclusion - Easy Pickings

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'...n't stand to be with a proper woman!' I half catch as I slowly rouse from my slumber.

'Wth is going on now' I wonder as I crawl out into the garden

I'm startled to realise I'm in wolf form again, this is getting slightly annoying, may have to seek professional help

*makes note in little black book*

As I wonder down my pathway carefully picking the sleep gunk from my eye and the fur from my armor i realise where I know that gruff, deep manly and quite loud voice from

'There you are you little scumbag! Big man eh?! Tricking a lady into your bed and then tossing her aside in the morning?!' Screamed the WomanBeast....

'Who do you think you are treating my sister like this?' Yells a woman next to her dressed like a nun except for the crotch less panties and scar down one cheek

*Wonder if Yum Yum will show up*

As I turn my back to go back and sleep I realise I didnít ban her sister just her!!

*smells slightly off cheese creeping up behind him*

I suddenly feel a stiletto heal hit me on the back of a head

'I ban thee'

*The dirty fighting.........*

'What to do?' I ponder aloud, they are sisters after all, could I claim this as my fame? Could I get them both into my lair for a quick hop, tickle and slap?

*scans the sisters again*

*throws shurikens*

'Not a chance in hell id stoop that low' I mutter aloud as I watch the two ugly sisters spasm on the ground.

Bah I wonít be able to sleep now, not with those faces haunting my thoughts.


After applying fresh poison to my new shurikens i head out to start at a familiar place!!!

Gah i hate people who taunt me with checks, Lil Wayne you sir are hereby added to my grudge list!!!!!

*makes note while giving the stink eye*

I Scan the crowd and donít find much of interest and certainly nothing which would help me earn my dragons head....

But then I saw T-To-The-Nutty running round like a headless chicken and totally uninsured!

*Yes he looks like a newbi but surely he'd be carrying a couple of 120 evals*

I can dream! But I do see something I want........

Yes it's not great but itís his, and I want it to be mine!

*Should I feel bad about stealing this from a newbi who looks to have nothing? Just because he was daft enough to be in fel?*

Not a chance!

I scout around a little more but find nothing of value, it seems to be a slow day in YEW, I stay around to double check....

After realising there was nothing to be had from my Yew friends I decide to go Champ hunting, I need more points! The gods owe me them!

It seems the Gods are smiling on me this afternoon!

*could it be a trap? are the Gods playing with me again?*

Seems I have earned their love and respect for destroying two of their worst designed creatures on my door steps earlier and find two more Ps's scrolls at despise.

As I count my points so far I realise Iím only 10% to the dragonsí head

Looks like I have to do more!

Again I go searching.....

I Spot Dillinger

*shadow jump*

*open pack*

Something shiny takes my eye

A powerful wrestle bard ring! I shall have it! It shall be mine!

*Grabs Dillingerís ass to distract him*

*goes for the ring*

So as I settle back on my throne and ponder this weekendís events I have to wonder whether my battered and bruised body can cope with this every weekend, The Womanbeasts, the beat downs by murderers because i shunned their sisters and the newbi snooping over the many miles of Fel?

*scans his prizes and points amount*

Hell yes I can! Cya next time!

Time for a Huzzah?!

Course there is!

-Tony Emerald

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