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Episode 0071: The Mis-adventures of Krelian: Story #2

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I always thought of myself as a normal thief. I prance around the countryside taking picknick baskets from unsuspecting farmers, writing poems for my lovely guildmistress, doing what any good thief does.

However today someone thought I was important enough to attempt to assasinate me.

I was walking along looking for the tracks of nearby squirrels when suddenly a gate appears on top of me. I had barely enough time to step aside, out of the way of its razor sharp edge.

Ha! Whoever was attempting to assasinate me would have to do better than that. However the one that had done this must have known my curiosity was only equaled by that of the squirrels I keep as company. For if the gate did not get rid of me surely a surprise would be waiting inside.

I decided not to dissapoint my admirer and stepped through the portal.

I found myself in a strange dungeon. I attempted to open the door in ront of me but it would not budge. I guess my captor wanted me to head downstairs.

I went down the stairs but to my surprise there was nothing.

Quickly I went back up the stairs to go through the portal but only seconds before I could reach it, the portal dissolved out of existance.

Whoever had done all of this was probably somewhere nearby laughing at the little thief they had caught in their web.

But little did my captor know I had been taking Friday night lessons at the local mage academy.

I could not cast gate spells like the one which trapped me here, but I focused all of my love for squirrels, food, and my guildmistress into one thought and teleported myself out of the room and back to the city of Treve.


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