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Episode 0406: The thief, the distraction, and the fool.

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Hail friends,

This is a short and sweet tale involving a thief, a distraction, and a fool. I'm actually not entirely sure why I'm posting it at all since I'm very much a bystander for the events that take place. Nevertheless, sometimes one can use a little dose of humility.

This story begins while I was helping put a few finishing touches on The Thunderdome (more on this later) when I get the call:

There were folks at Despise and we were going to crash the party.

Nighstalker was on location and Hobo Baggins and myself drop what we're doing and the hunt was on.

With the spawn already at level 3, it wouldn't take long for Barraccoon to appear. There were 4 of them and 3 of us.

(The odds were in our favor.)

I was moving in on the left, Hobo was bouncing around the middle, and Nightstalker was somewhere.

Barraccoon falls, Gandu hides, and the others stay visible long enough for Hobo to make the first move:

Gu'Jek chases Hobo in hot pursuit, with another not far behind, and we soon get back the bad news:

And yet, as Hobo distracts, that evens out the numbers, making this a 2-on-2 fight.

Gandu and Calaman Barre in one corner. Nightstalker and I in the other.

We both squeeze in tighter and they begin a little banter:

Calaman Barre: anything
Gandu: nope

I don't believe him and neither does Nightstalker. I squeeze in tighter still, pop his 27 item backpack, and spot only a 105 Throwing and a 110 Parry.

Nightstalker (with his new and improved Enhanced Client view of Gandu's backpack) tells a different story:

Calaman moves towards the gate and goes through.

I stealth towards the gate and stop right in front.

Gandu stealth towards the gate and bumps into me, revealing him one more time.

And Nightstalker stealths towards the gate and takes what's rightfully his.

Gandu flees into the gate, I follow right behind, but find nothing but Hobo's heroic corpse on the ground while Nightstalker let's us know the good news:


And what's the point of this story? Well, first of all, 2 of the more valuable power srolls (on Siege Perilous) are 115 Magery and 115 Mysticism, so it was actually a decent grab. And second of all, while I would like to be the thief and save the day every time, sometimes it just doesn't work out that way. Sometimes I get to be the thief. Other times I play the part of the distraction. And then occasionally, I get to be the fool that gets into position to maximize everyone else's chances for success.

'Tis the life I live.

'Til next time!

-Chad Sexington

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