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Episode 0407: Luna IDOC

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Hail friends,

Henry Swift: Gizmo's house in the extreme NW corner of Luna is, as of 3:45am CDT, Greatly Worn.
Henry Swift: I don't know how much I'll be on tomorrow, but I'll check it when I can and if anyone else can help get the IDOC time, that would be really helpful.
Henry Swift: It's in Luna. It's FULL of deco and rares and the gods know what else. Should be a helluva party. Bring favors ^^

Throughout the night and the next morning, Henry Swift, Tea Leaf, and myself put in alternating shifts and we're able to determine the time Gizmo's house will fall within a 2 hour window.


::5 Hours Later::

The house was still standing, but the buzzards were already circling. The buzzards included at least 10+ TnT/TNA/[A]/YARR/ODE alliance members (in a formal or informal alliance, who knows), 5+ GIL, a few solo straglers, and 5 of us. 25-35 people, 1 house, and endless loot. By the time I get on the scene Henry Swift, The Gooch, Hobo Baggins, and Richard Cranium were already in position, keeping one eye on the house and another eye on the foot traffic while constantly being revealed by someone inside Gu'Jek's house (directly in front of Gizmo's).

I make some last minute preparations like getting a pack llama, smoke bombs, orange petals, and a bag of sending while bumping into even more GIL ready to join the party.

Damnation gets a kill or two while we wait...

(And I can't even get in close enough to sniiff the body.)

As we reach the top of the hour and go into the next, the TnT/TNA/[A]/YARR/ODE alliance begins pushing out more and more with detect hiddens, poison fields, energy fields, earthquakes, and dragons. Something was up. Which means they probably have the IDOC time narrowed down even tighter than we did.

(It wouldn't be long.)

Richard Cranium trips over another stealther.

And it's time for him to go!

I only point this out to illustrate the current situation. If anyone not in the alliance popped out of the shadows, they would getting ridden down by 4+ people. And other than Damnation, there weren't any other PvPers not in the alliance to really challenge them. But this is all fine by me. There were plenty of distractions to occupy their time.

DigoWiz takes another dirt nap as Andantilus dismounts, disarms, and begins to menicingly swing a bola.

(Oh, really?)

He takes a few steps forward and I move in to find his now disarmed Staff of the Magi waiting for me.

Richard Cranium takes another dirt nap, Henry is revealed, and Andantilus moves South past Gu'Jek's house with me right behind.

(With the staff already in my sights, all I needed was that perfect moment.)

Andantilus begins summoning his ethereal steed while an invisible asshole, 2 steps behind him, reaches into his backpack and makes off like a bandit!

The asshole (now 6 stones heavier) darts South and attempts to change into animal form.

Andantilus manages to cast & land a poison spell and Wildfire zooms past at full speed in my direction.

I break East and the others follow in pursuit.

I hide and eat an orange petal as the others run right past.

I bank my new staff and circle back around to Gizmo's house. DigoWiz dies again to one of Normal Name's many earthquakes and Richard Cranium is revealed once more.

And then...


The spells stop and the fighting stops as it's a mad dash to grab anything not locked down (a.k.a. everything). I grab a couple deeds, a statuette, and a 76 item bone box and the game begins.

Back and forth to the bank, the spells resume, and I continue loading up on multiple containers with 30-70 items each:

Everyone manages to get away with something.

A bone box here, a chest there, and yet another bag for me.

After 4-5 trips to my overflowing back and back home (for even more storage), the obivous loot is consumed by the masses in short order.

It was time for Phase 2 as I sniff around for anything good:

When it's clear that most of the good stuff is already gone (or stored), it was time to head home, lick our wounds, and tally up the score.

Henry didn't do too bad:

And neither did I:

The grand total for our heroes looked something like this:
  • 100+ Lesser Artifacts
  • 100+ Greater Artifacts
  • 100+ Major Artifacts
  • 10+ Legendary Artifacts
  • 20+ Anti-Virtue Artifacts
  • Enchanted Kelp Woven Leggings x2
  • Slasher of Veils Statuette
  • Fire Pit
  • Tombstone of the Damned
  • Hoilday Tree Deeds x2
  • Chaos Tile x2
  • Dark Flower Tapestry
  • Stuffy Horse
  • Creepy Portrait Deed
  • Fey Leggings
  • Cu Sidhe Pads
  • Metallic Cloth Dye Tub
  • Leather Dye tub
  • Medusa Statuette
  • Map of the Known World
  • Raed's Glory
  • Mini House Deed Small Marble Workshop
  • Sands of Sosaria 1998
  • Paragon Gold Pigments of Tokuno
  • Red Rum Pigments of Tokuno
  • Violet Purple Pigments of Tokuno
  • Commodity Deeds
  • Power Scrolls
  • Cursed Staff of the Magi
  • And more...

'Til next time!

-Chad Sexington

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