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Episode 0390: All Too Easy

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Over the past few days it's been increasingly obvious that trying to play Ultima Online on an laptop with no real 'F keys' is a losing battle. Therefore, I'm going to be taking it easy on the UO for the next few days until I get this in the mail and set up some proper hotkeys. Until then, I may post a few episodes made up of existing pics that I have stored away.

Hail friends,

Needing to restock my reagents (and still refusing to ever buy reagents from NPCs on Siege), I take my time and walk the land of Felucca, picking up my reagents from the ground. Eventually, I find myself once again in Safe Haven, outside Freja's castle:

(A red gate?)

But is someone 'coming' or 'going'?

*tracks potential victims*

(I see you.)

Gandu purchases something from the vendor above so I check out the merchandise to see what I'm working with.

Resources in the form of blessed deeds?


I move in for a closer look.


With nothing to get me all hot and bothered, after a simple "Vas Rel Por", he's gone.


And then, in General Chat, I hear music to my ears. It goes something to this effect:

Gandu: Do you have any for sale?
Annapurna: Yep. Meet me at Umbra Mint
Annapurna: Don't worry, it's blessed.
Gandu: Where is the mint again?

My ears perk up and I quickly gate home and portal back out of Umbra Gate. I guess it's my lucky day because it sounds like Gandu is running all over Umbra, trying to find the bank. I take 5 steps to the right out of the gate and--

--Gandu comes racing from the North, heading due Southeast and he runs right over me.


And just like that, my cover is blown and I'm busted.

"You a stealther?"






With my cover intact, it was time to seal the deal.


It might not be worth millions of gold, but I'll take one of these new fangled Greater Artifacts anyday (especially on Siege where there is no insurance and cursed artifacts are used regularly).

Moral of This Story: I know I've been gone for 4 years and I know Global Chat went online just as I was leaving, but it almost makes it way too easy. I'll take the win, but with names, dates, and locations being freely shared for all the world to see, EZ mode on Siege Perilous has officially been engaged... at least until people wisen up.

'Til next time!

-Chad Sexington

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