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Episode 0231: Latest Yoinks (Part 1)

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I go down into Destard, as it has become my favorite local honey pot. I'm not on my not thief as I am becoming rather known down there, I dont like kits as I cant change forms and run.

Baccarroon is up and Candy is blocking the way... Im on my Sammy and cant get through. Run to the other side and bac falls... I grab up some gold and head through and into Luna. There is a couple of my usual targets with candy there all talking about rolling... "Oh we need to wait on Lucy." Hmmm...I run up stairs and log out. Log on another char and racall in.

Me- "Alright guys Im ready"
Candy - "Lucy?"
Me- "Yeah!"
Candy - "Oh its just us, He dont want the scroll"
Me- "Great"
*Candy Rolls 7*
*I roll 8*
Candy - "You win Ill go get it"
*Follows* Ugh theres Lucy...
*Candy passes scroll to Lucy*
Lucy - "Whats this for"
Candy - " You won it"
*Candy recalls out*
Me- "You passed wrong"
Lucy - "lol, was that for you?"
Me - "Yes"
*Lucy passes 120 stealth*
Me - "Thanks, bank"

Easy as pie.

Hope this photo is enough proof, Luna isnt the best place to screen capture entire conversations.

-The Mule

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