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Episode 0202: A Night At the Museum!

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T'was a boring day, and T'was an even more boring night...

When all of a sudden , a moongate appears!

Now I was just sitting here minding my own business[Trademark] Practicing the glorious art of ninjitsu..

Is it really my fault if someone summoned a gate a few feet from me? tempting every thievious molocule in my body?
I believe it was fate! and fate was telling me to go in this blue shaded portal.
(so blame fate, not me!)!!!(HEY!! Stop pointing the finger of shame at me!!! *crys*)

I submit to my curiousity, and step into the gate.

(Curiousity did not kill This cat!)

An Aura of only that of which a room filled with treasures could give off, quickly covers my body!

Holy Mother Of God... I have just drunkenly stumbled into a Museum Curator's private office/treasure storage...What do I do now?

I sit in the curators chair, prop my legs up on the desk, and soak in the glorious smell of my feet.
(wait my feet? that's not right! *puts feet back down*)
I mean The glorious smell of treasured relics and wealth from past and present!

Aftering taking it all in...
I Decided to quickly find a good hiding spot to sit and wait.

If my master chad has taught me anything with his stories, its that patience is a thief's greatest friend and foe.
I say friend and foe because, patience can either make you extremely rich, or it can leave you pocketless
wishing you would of made that fateful move and not waited so long. You have to discover the medium for yourself.
The medium cannot be taught, its just a thiefs gut feeling.
The feeling to strike when the times just right,and feel glory's beautiful bosum in your face. ( I personally like to give glory teh ye olde motorboat )

Oh oops! better get back to the hiding!
*Turns on cyborg hiding spot detection implant eye*
*Scans chair*

Scanner shows: 60% impact collision chance percentage with owner.
I decide to find a better hiding spot.

*summons his "Home Alone" movie watching experience for guidence in his quest*

Ah ha! This will do. (Machauley Caulkin would be proud!!)
It's such a good hiding spot I cant even see my self! (and the crate Im under will insure he will never spot me)

Here is where I will wait.
Here is my new home for the next few hours. ( I hoped it wouldn't be that long) I wait... and I wait...
( I eat a peeled banana I have in my pack that I stole from a helpless gorilla..)
And I wait some more!

And Finally.....!!!!

A sight for soar eyes... I never thought in a million years I would be happy at the sight of a trammel colored blue moongate.. but on this day.. it was a beautiful color indeed.

I wondered to myself ..who was going to appear through the moongate..
A Red?
A Blue?
An Over Cautious,Over Protective,Untrusting paranoid freak that will detect hidden his house the moment he steps on board? (*points at chad*)

A Blue, A lone blue... A blue I seem to vaugely remember encountering just hours earlier that day!

*You notice your vision getting all wavey*


Earlier that day....

I find the victim of this story at ease and tranquill...
Wait..this is not trammel.. You Should be afraid. Very afraid!!

I ready my disarm technique and prepare to strike.

When all of a sudden out pops Sweeny, This fine keeps owner.

It appears they were doing some sort of a trade....
I wait no longer, I move in for the disarment.

She runs! I try to keep up, but its to no avail.

She gets away clean and free, and im left treasureless..

* You Notice your vision coming back slowly *


Now where was I?.. Ah yes, here we are...

So Pestilence has arrived, and it was about damned time!
(After all..I've been holding this wooden crate with a balance measure on top for an hour now, and I was growing weary of anyone coming at all.)

She Unlocks her door...

She steps Inside, out of my vision..

Is she really coming for the very room Im in???
Surely it cannot be so easy.....
I mean after all, this is a museum with the greatest rarities ever to grace sosaria...This Must be a sick joke...

*hear's a church choir humming the words "Hallelujah" in an angelic tone*

I nearly drop the crate with excitement, the Weigh machine nearly topples over..Keep it Together man! you've come so far!
I watch her every move,waiting and hoping she pulls out something special for this special occasion of mine.

She moves to treasure crates, I follow closely behind, and peek into her belongings...

Nothing but some measly statues, I know she must have something better... I wait.

A Blackrock Infected box appears in her pack...I contemplate weather to even look inside. "It's now or never" I say to myself.
You have waited long enough!
Peek Inside the box, claim your prize!

*stares at the pretty colored crystals*
*pupils dialate*
"My precious....."

It was known to me that these were event item crystals layed down by the gods, around 2 years prior to this day.
*Prepares himself for the steal*
*Reaches in!!!!!!*

"Piece of cake"
(Secretly I was screaming and Yelling in happiness of this wonderful moment) I sit back down in the chair, expecting to be shouted at.

Pestilence: "Well Done!"
Pestilence: "Noones ever made it in this room before!"
Pestilence: "You're the only one ever to make it in this room"

With my ego at maximum capacity, I dart off to the bank to covet my precious glowing rocks. Thus ending my Night at the Museum.

Later that night.......
I meet up with pestilence in my hometown, Serpents hold.

Pestilence : "You guys are so patient its crazy, well the good ones are"

My training has not gone un-noticed.


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