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Episode 0056: Adventures of Britain (Finale)

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Today is the day.

Today is the day I choose my fate.

I cannot go on living as a thief if I am not bound for glory. I must prove to my self and all who doubt me that I am worthy of being a thief. But not just any thief, a thief worthy to fly the THIEF flag.

It all depends on my next victim. Whether I score something big and prove to my self I am not worthless, or I fail and my prey and treasure escapes.

Those are the possible outcomes, one will decide the rest of my life.

I lurk around trammel, procrastinating. I waste as much time as I can because I know that after I enter feluccia its one outcome or the other.


*I'd better get it over with* I think to my self as I stare into the moongate.

Just as I was about to enter Decker The Black calls my name and catches my attention.

He then says something that gives me the strength and hope I need to confront my next victim.

He informs me that he is a faction thief and has enjoyed hearing of my adventures.

With my new found strength I boldly step through the gate and into the feluccia facet.

I waste no time and begin to scan the mountainside along the farms.

Its not long until I come across my foe.


Weather he knows it or not, he has been waiting for me. I open his paperdoll and quickly spot the treasure that will decide my fate.

It all depends on this. If I can obtain that pearl necklace he wears with such pride.

I ready my dagger and...


"NOOOOOOOO!!!" I yell, startling a flock of birds in a nearby tree.

I am left alone, a failure. A no good wannabe Chad.

Thinking about my future, I begin to sob.

*Maybe I'll take up treasure hunting again* I think to my self.



I dexterously begin to slash him up, delivering my poison.

*Death strike* MISS

*Death strike* HIT

Kain runs for his life. I stand fast and allow my death strike to do what it does best.

He falls face first into the dirt.

With my heart racing I approach his body carefully. After checking his pulse I am convinced that he has left this world.

I claim an entire LRC suit with very decent resists in addition to the coveted pearl necklace.

He returns and I express my gratitude for saving my future.

He tells me that he has heard of my exploits from the many bards that roam the land, and is honored to have been looted by me.

I say farewell and head to the nearby tavern for a drink.

I am destined to be a great thief! The events today were not just random occurrences, they were acts of the gods. To lead me on to the correct path.

I thank thee Kain for thy kindness.

Guess I should sheath the dagger for a bit. ^^

-Jose Muerto

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