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Episode 0054: Adventures in Britain (Part III)

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*Awakens from siesta*

"Oh my!" I exclaim as I feel my far overgrown mustache.

How many days has it been?

*checks time piece*

"Almost two months?!? How can this be?!?"

*eyes large bag of blackrock*

Maybe it has something to do with this?


I bank my plunder and head to the bath house in Buc's den.

Stepping through the moongate I remember all my fond memories from so long ago. When murderers were not allowed in town and Buc's den was the only accessible bank.

Ahh, what a dangerous place it used to be... Full of thieves and murderers at all times. Entering this city without the proper "connections" was sure death.

*eyes the desolate streets*

Buc's den was the place I ran across my first thief. I remember thinking, how surely that man must be mad. How could he possibly have the nerve to steal from other players? And in this day of insurance, what is there to steal?

I only wish I had known Chad in those days. If only he would have shown me the way of the Thief back then... In The Age of Shadows.

*Starts to feel all emo inside*

I proceed to bathe and trim my mustache with my dagger. Accidentally cutting my nose I poison my self and with no way to cure I am forced to go into cat form until it wears off.

"What a sorry SOB I am." I say to my self.


"You will never amount to anything, you will be cursed to live your life in the shadows as an outcast to society. Stealing anything you can get your sticky little fingers on. I wish the guards would come and lock all you scoundrels up for good."

*end flashback*

That old man, what does he know?

I'll show him... I'll become the greatest thief Great Lakes has ever known.

I must...

Forming a fist with my right hand I pump it in the air as Chad would do.

I have the blessing from the king of all thieves, I can't fail.

I wont...


I apply some fresh poison to my dagger and decide that blood will have to be spilled in order for me to continue on my quest to greatness.

Be it my blood or the blood of the innocent...

It matters not.

Patrolling the Britain Farms I spot someone familiar...

Still mining away, probably more comfortably due to my extended absence.

I decide not to waste time snooping his pack and say hello with a poisoned dagger to the eye.

Moments later his corpse lies still at my feet.

I wipe the blood from my blade as I begin to loot.

"ĦAy caramba!" I shriek as I spot the seven pieces of blackrock.

I add the bounty to my already full pouch of blackrock.

Deciding to make another pass along the mountainside I spot Havoc already back at work.

Ah these poor slaves. The only rest they get is waiting to get ressed after I slay them.

I shall grant him another break.

Heading north along the mountainside I spot a freed man.

Jack O Trades and his beetle gunny.

This man had the look of a slave, however i was certain he was freed.

I take a closer look...

He had on a worn leather LRC suit and a feathered hat. Just under the brim of his hat on his forehead there was a hard to make out tattoo.

It read, "Property of ..." then some name that had been viciously carved out of his skin.

A freed man indeed...

I find nothing of real value on his person and consider leaving this man be.

Then I notice his quite full beetle gunny... quite a stash of ingots, I'm sure.

I decide to make my move...

I quickly jab my dagger into his side and deliver a dose of poison.

Panicking he mounts his trusty beetle as I miss with a death strike.

He runs south east across 2 fields and I give chase.

I hear his death throws as he cries out in pain and I know he is dead.

His beetle stands over his lifeless body, as if protecting it.

I deal his unbonded creature the same fate as he.

I find an unexpected treasure on his beetle's corpse...

Insured armor! Huzzah!

I fill my backpack with the thousands of ingots that were meticulously mined by Jack O Trades.

I decide to hang around and wait to see if he would return.

He does, with no health and a completely uninsured LRC suit on too. ^^

I quickly slay him once again and this time take a murder count.

I express my gratitude and inform him that i cannot understand his ghostly moans.

Intending to dry loot, I take his entire suit but the leggings and realize I am nearing my max weight with things still needing to be looted.

I begin to gloat about my score when I hear the hissing of a rune beetle not too far away.

I grab the LRC leggings, leaving the rest, and slip into the shadows just as Ace Ventura commands his beast to " All Kill "

Jack o Trades follows close behind his protector and loots what remains on his corpse.

Wiping my brow, I gleefully skip to the bank where I store my first stolen full suit of armor.

"I must consider my sins"

Short Term Murders: 2
Long Term Murders: 3

Only one more and I can continue on my path to greatness...

-Jose Muerto

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