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Episode 0053: A Great Beginning??

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As i warmed my toes by the fire enjoying a nice cold beer, i couldn't help but recollect on my life as a thief over the last three years and how it led to me starting out THIEF Atlantic this afternoon, all the glory! all the success! all the work and how its paid off, just how powerful my stealing ski.......


I have no proof! no proof of the glory! no proof of the success! No proof of my stealing powers! What a fool i have been!

This will not stand, this MUST be rectified!

i don my cloak and head to Yew Fel Gate!!!!

The riches i would receive! The glory! The Fame! Images flash in my mind of having to use a six horse team to drag my backpack its so heavy under the weight of countless weapons! Arties! and 120 magery scrolls! oohh joy! oohh joy of joys!

Aha! glory is mine glory is........ its BLESSED, son of a bitch!

thats fine its only my first peek! i will have my glory! i will have my steal!


*smashes head against the wall*

Ok thats enough, now im pissed! now i want revenge!


I have heard of these people from Chad and Jose! these are the slaves of the rich and greedy!

Its time for my first THIEF act! its time for...... but wait, should i kill a poor miner? what has this man ever done to me? hes just following his masters ord.......

*Sees bloody Kryss in hand*


But this has given me an idea! i recognize this slave i know where his master lives! i will lay waste upon him in retribution!

Hes not even home! hes left his slave to be killed while hes in the Bahamas i bet!

*Notes grudge in little black book*

Ill get you later!

On to glory! leaving the greedy slave driving ..... well leaving him behind for now i smell a ratman!

Forward to fire!
forward to 6 120 magery scrolls!

JWilson is out and about! All Hail Jwilson!



this isn't right, first yew, then the slave driver then this! unacceptable!

To delucia!!



*Give's the bird to the gods!*

Three hours I've been working! i will not be stopped! i will not be beat!

Back to yew gate!


*Shits Self*

*changes Pants*

Ok breath! breath! GO!! i grabbed the key, he gave chase and hit a BLACKROCK!!!!!


I sidestep and Go counter clockwise round a house!Safe!!!

I carefully peel back the lid of my backpack

My Armada has begun! i thank thee Ted Dansinator for Thy donation!


Now where did i put that beer?

A tough night! A successful night! Ay own THIEF Armada is begun! i have a hot fire and a cold beer!

Now where did i put that strippers number???

Till the next time and the next (success?)!!!

Forward to Glory!


-Tony Emerald

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