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Episode 0109: Journeyman Spawn Thief

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Hola Amigos,

Sometimes, when one looks for adventure none can be found.

Other times, when one is simply wishing to be alone with his strumpet, an adventure stares you in the face and gives you the middle finger.

Today was one of those "Other times"

My adventure begins on the not so desolate streets of Britain.

Being somewhat of a well known criminal in these parts, the guards have a few choice words with me. As they are known to do.

*rolls eyes*

They make a big scene and end up scaring off the potential mark and his "cash llama".

I decide to head to the Dog and Lion Pub in Serpent's hold rumored to serve tequila.

There, a local woman pays me for my company and we settle off in a corner where I can provide my service.

*wink wink*

I begin to "do my thing" when all of a sudden we are interrupted by the town guard.

Luckily, he was one of the guards I have wrapped around my finger and informed me to activity outside fire dungeon.

Adventure you say?

A chance to relieve someone of their precious items?

I tell the woman "no refunds" and get dressed.

My body begins to shake at the thought of what could be had.

I make my way down to the vermin ridden cave and post up on the island.

It was not a long wait, Barracoon was quick to show his face.

I stumble over a spike trap while waiting for the combatants.


Finally the three show them selves; taco, Black Magic and the murderer Fire. I failed to catch what guild they are in.

After many close calls with death they finally redline the Champion.

I covertly jump into position behind all three of them and pop their packs.

I'm so close to them I can smell their body odor. (All three desperately needed baths)

The moment of glory approaches, I have all of the combatants backpacks open preparing to have my choice in all the scrolls dropped.

*Barracoon Dies*

I quickly begin to scan the six scrolls.








I target the 120 and make sure who's backpack I'm about to take this from.

I hesitate for a moment then take the item and run west off the island and south through the cave.

The murderer Fire takes off after me! (He was the only one mounted ^^)

In wolf form, I zig and zag and run haphazardly through the cave.

With fire just behind me I begin to think I'm done for. I continue running south at full speed knowing there is no where for me to run in this direction.

I slow and quietly slip into the shadows just before his eyes.

I decide to take the scenic route out of the smelly cave and return to Luna to bank my first 120 scroll.

A true taste of Glory!

-Jose Muerto

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