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Episode 0047: Novice Spawn Thief

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*Trips over poison trap*


*Drinks Cure Potion*

*Wolf Form*

*Begins to move quietly*


*Pockets Gold*


*Shoves something invisible out of the way*

You see:SomeRedStealthArcher

*SomeRedStealthArcher Is attacking you!*

*Runs away and hides*




*Arrgh! What a horrible dream!* I think to my self.

I toss the covers of my bed to the side, spring to my feet, and start my rounds.

"Today I will find great treasure!" I repeat to my self.

"Today I will find great treasure!"

"Today I will find great treasure!"

"Today I will find great treasure!"

Hmm, whats this?

I hear sounds of fletching with no fletcher to be seen.

It seems people have become aware of my tricks.

I try and try to detect him but to no avail.

Leaving him in peace I continue my search to the south east.

Eventually reaching Britain, I notice someone doing business within the bank.

I figure this person wont notice the doors just swing open by them selves, and I boldly open the doors and step in just to see her say "Kal Ort Por" and vanish from my life.

How rude.

Perhaps I should have taken a more cautious route...

Ah, oh well.

"Kal Ort Por" I say as I recall to the dungeon of Fire.

Stepping through the sparkles, Max Pain of TDR is there to greet me on the other side.

I laugh to my self.

I wonder if this man shares the same fondness for Ogres as his guild mate Sedric.

As I move up to the isle I spot a poison trap and instantly remember my dream.

Not gonna happen this time!

I sidestep the poison trap and directly onto a blade trap!

No one notices...

I take position on the isle and watch the candles go around.

After a short wait the combatants assemble on the isle and affliction of J^W begins to field.

Close call...

I wait patiently as Barracoon quickly looses health.

At half way I decide to check my escape routes.

East bridge is fielded, but the west bridge is open.

Preparing to shadow jump i take position as far away as to not alert them.

Barracoon falls and I jump into position. Choosing BOOM of TDR as my mark.

Opening his pack I see a plethora of scrolls, spotting no 120s I target the only 115 I see and...

Boom finishes sorting his scrolls and quickly runs through the gate, leaving me empty handed.

Arrgh! Champ Spawns suck! All that waiting for nothing.

I then find my self thinking something i thought i would never think.

*At least it wasn't a 120 scroll*

I laugh my failure off and make my way to Britain. Where I spot a familiar face. I quickly rush to the tailor, abruptly swinging open the door making the cloth on the tables fly off.

Lady Danielle! You have returned to me!

Whats that you say?

You say you have a gift? For leaving so rudely last time?

A ship key? I'll take it! Oh Lady Danielle, you are too kind.

*leans in for a kiss and pockets the key*

"Kal Ort Por!" she screams as she notices my sexual intentions.

Once again how rude of her!

If she wants to fix our relationship she had better bring me more gifts.

I guess I'm just materialistic.

"Kal Ort Por" I say.

The last of my Mandrake incinerates within my pack.

A ship Full of Treasure and a banquet of various foods! Lady Danielle you really outdid your self.

Within the hold I find my, late, valentines gift from Lady Danielle and a crammed cloth BOD book a certain tailor is going to put to excellent use.

I jump onto the shore and Dry dock my new boat.

Doesn't she know its bad luck to not name your ship? ^^

"Kal Ort Por"

More reagents are needed for this spell


*Begins the walk to Papua*


-Jose Muerto

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